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Your Neighbourhood Guide to Quarry Bay and Tai Koo

Once home to a community of Hakka stone men, Quarry Bay and its surrounding areas have evolved from an industrial hub into a thriving contemporary district. Here is just some of what’s on offer in Hong Kong’s alternative city centre.

things to do in quarry bay

Where to Go

Grab your camera and head to Yick Cheong Building. Dubbed ‘Monster Building, these five colourful towers make for some incredibly close quarters and are every Instagrammer’s dream.

things to do in quarry bay

What to Do

Central no longer reserves sole bragging rights as the city’s art gallery hub. ArtisTree in Taikoo Place is one such alternative. This 7,000 square-foot, versatile space plays host to a range of art, photography, and theatre shows all year round. If you’re looking for less conceptual, more conflict-based entertainment, expel your excess energy at one of the alternative exercise centres such as Ryze Trampoline Park, the Verm City indoor climbing arena, and Crossfire Arena (home to laser tag, bubble football, and more).

things to do in quarry bay

Where to Eat

Tong Chong Street is engulfed by office buildings, which means it’s surrounded by hungry patrons on a daily basis. Luckily, it’s taken note, as the street is lined with restaurants and bars to suit most palates. Mr & Mrs Fox offers a playful twist on contemporary Western cuisine, and its private room (concealed behind a bookcase and accessible by tinkling the ivories on a nearby piano) is a great special occasion spot.

things to do in quarry bay

Where to Drink

Rooftop bars are a dime a dozen in Hong Kong, but not all are born equal. Atop the EAST Hotel, Sugar (Bar.Deck.Lounge) stands out, thanks to its spacious interiors, killer cocktails, and unbeatable views of the city below.

things to do in quarry bay

Where to Shop

Open 17 hours a day, seven days a week, Cityplaza has it all. With more than 170 shops to browse, as well as a Broadway cinema and numerous cafés and restaurants, this six-storey shopping complex is a haven for entertainment. It even boasts an ice rink that’s open all year round, which is perfect for cooling down in the summer months or getting in the festive spirit around Christmas time.

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