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Hong Kong’s best wellness retreats

By Localiiz 19 April 2024

Header image courtesy of @blissbodyjourneys_hk (via Instagram)

Days upon days spent in quiet contemplation, detached from your social life and the frivolities of the outside world… yes, we’re talking about retreats—you know, purposeful, meditative time spent away from the stresses of daily life. 

While some may baulk at the idea of spending time in isolation, let alone shelling out for the privilege, there’s a sense of spirituality and peacefulness at retreats that you simply don’t get while sheltering in place. (Especially if you live in the city, where everything from renovation work to midnight garbage pick-ups counts as ambient noise.) From ascetic silent retreats to resort-esque wellness programmes, here are the best wellness retreats in Hong Kong.

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Photo: @blissbodyjourneys_hk (via Instagram)

Bliss Body Journeys

Sitting somewhere between a wellness retreat and a nature holiday, Bliss Body Journeys’ boutique meditation escapes are hosted at a stunning eco-farm in the rolling green hills of Lam Tsuen. Currently in Hong Kong, you can sign up for the Mauna silent meditation retreat and the Resource Yourself healing meditation and breathwork retreat.

During the three- and two-day programmes, teacher and “spiritual mentor” Vlada de Sousa will guide participants through daily meditation, breathwork, and yoga classes, and host energy healing and chakra balancing sessions.

While the retreat is deeply rooted in spirituality, it is still a decidedly luxurious affair. The rooms, which can be shared or private, look like boutique hotel lodgings, while the organic vegan meals are prepared by a private chef using vegetables grown on-site.

Bliss Body plans its retreats in Hong Kong, Bali, and Portugal based on demand, so they are not available year-round—but you can find out how to join the waitlist here.

Asaya at Rosewood Hong Kong

For a retreat that doubles as an exclusive five-star staycation, check out Asaya, Rosewood Hong Kong’s urban wellness concept. Retreats are fully customisable from Asaya’s treatment menu. Highlights vary from programme to programme, but you can expect mindfulness exercises, yoga sessions, physical workouts, and massages or facials.

For wellness-oriented overnight stays, guests will reside at either of the Asaya Lodges, two private villas within the Rosewood hotel which comprise wellness features like a mini-bar stocked with plant-based snacks and drinks, private treatment rooms, and more. Discover more here.

Asaya, 6/F, Rosewood, Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 3891 8732

Photo: Hong Kong Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka 香港內觀靜坐 (由葛印卡老師或其助理教導) (via Facebook)

Vipassanā Meditation Centre

For an ascetic, monastic meditation retreat, visit the Vipassanā Meditation Centre (or Dhamma Muttā) at Tung Wan in South Lantau. Traditional Vipassanā retreats are not for the faint-hearted; over the course of 10 days, participants will spend over 10 hours per day in silent meditation, breaking only for two vegetarian meals a day and sleep (which is done in 20-person dormitories, rather than private rooms).

That being said, practitioners of Vipassanā (which translates roughly to “insight”) claim that the experience grants greater mental clarity and an unrivalled sense of balance (and it is completely free of charge, though donations are of course welcome). Once you’ve completed a 10-day course, you are welcome to return for shorter courses—check Dhamma Muttā’s official website for the full schedule and updates.

Vipassanā Meditation Centre, Lantau Trail Section 9, Tung Wan, Lantau Island | (+852) 2671 7031

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Xavier House

For a silent Catholic retreat in the tradition of Jesuit (also known as Ignatian) spirituality, visit Xavier House on Cheung Chau—you can arrange to conduct a personal retreat or take part in a guided retreat, though only applicants who have previously completed three- to five-day retreats will be accepted for the traditional guided retreats.

During the longer eight-day stays, retreat participants are directed to spend four hours a day in contemplative prayer; fittingly, there are plenty of quiet, scenic spots around the house. As the focus here is religion (not hospitality), the accommodation is basic but comfortable, and you will have to find your own way.

Xavier House, 27 Peak Road West, Cheung Chau | (+852) 2981 0342

Photo: Rain of Compassion Sangha, PVHK 慈霖共修團 (via Facebook)

Plum Village

If you are interested in shorter Buddhist mindfulness retreats, visit Plum Village Hong Kong’s Lotus Pond Temple on Lantau Island. The one- to three-day retreats comprise daily guided meditation sessions, mindful walking, guided sitting meditation, Dharma talks, silence sessions, and tea meditation. Retreats are led in English and full schedules are available on the website.

Plum Village, Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island | (+852) 2985 5281

Photo: Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong 香港文華東方酒店 (via Facebook)

The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong offers a wide selection of wellness and spa treatments for in-house visitors in need of a mindful retreat. From skin and body treatments to sessions that focus on improving mindfulness, The Spa has got you covered. Retreat programmes on offer include the signature traditional Chinese therapy weekend retreat and exclusive midweek spa escape.

Available for one or two nights, retreats at The Spa follow an itinerary customised to your specific needs and wellness concerns. Overnight guests will stay at The Mandarin Oriental’s five-star accommodations and enjoy revitalising gastronomy. Speak with staff at The Spa about your wellness concerns and discuss which treatments are best for you. Find out more here.

The Spa, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central, Central | (+852) 2522 0111

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Photo: The Peninsula Hong Kong (via Facebook)

The Peninsula Spa

Known as an urban sanctuary focused on promoting well-being and mindfulness, The Peninsula Spa offers a wide range of holistic skin, body, and mental-health treatments, each supported by experienced practitioners and high-quality products.

The Peninsula’s latest Life Lived Best initiative promotes a series of fitness, mindfulness, and health programmes to indulge in, on top of spa treatments. For an express experience, the Life Lived Best renewal day package offers a one-day retreat at the five-star location, complete with wellness activities led by expert practitioners, while the Life Lived Best staycation is a more flexible wellness retreat with customisable treatments, classes, and even activities that take you around the city. Contact The Peninsula Hong Kong’s fitness centre for reservations. Learn more here.

The Peninsula Fitness Centre and Spa, 7/F, The Peninsula Hong Kong, 22 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2696 6689

The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong

Helmed by a team of certified and experienced resident healers, The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong offers a range of wellness, face, and body treatments that aims to improve your well-being. One-off and day programmes are available at The Spa, while three- and one-and-a-half-day retreats feature a range of healing rituals and holistic treatments.

Current programmes include the Enhanced Vitality three-day retreat, Deep Sleep one-and-a-half-day retreat, and the Restore and Realign one-and-a-half-day retreat. Guests can enjoy five-star accommodations at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, nutritionist-curated well-feeling menus, as well as plenty of quiet, secluded spaces on the property to facilitate your relaxation. Arrange a personalised retreat by calling The Spa. Discover more here.

The Spa, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central | (+852) 3196 8900

First published on 5 January 2021. Written by Annette Chan. Last updated by Celia Lee.

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