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Store, Move, and Relocate: A step-by-step guide for moving in or out of Hong Kong

By Localiiz Branded | 19 June 2024

Header images courtesy of UniGroup Asia

Moving into a new home or office, whether locally or abroad, is the sort of insurmountable task most of us dread tackling. Unless you’ve done it enough times before, chances are, you’re not sure how to organise a move or time the different steps optimally. 

Fortunately, moving experts do exist! And when the moment comes to move in or out of Hong Kong, you might not want to just pick the first moving company at the top of your Google search results—you’ll want a service that will reduce stress, not create more!

UniGroup Asia is one of the top-tier movers in the world, specialising in international relocation, domestic and office moves, and storage management, for both individuals and companies. Having spent years refining its user experience, UniGroup Asia shared its tips on relocating in this step-by-step guide for moving in or out of Hong Kong, from packing and shipping to customs clearance, and more.

Photo: UniGroup Asia

Pick your moving company

You’re relocating soon, and need to start planning the move. Maybe you’ve asked for a few quotes here and there, and the total sum feels too much for the little services provided. Don’t let the stress get the better of you—a number of international certifications are here to ensure high-quality standards for international moving and relocation services, such as the FAIM certification and the FIDI network. Look out for these certifications to make sure your goods are in safe hands when moved.

The FAIM quality certification is the only certification recognised the world over for international moving companies. FAIM is not just a fancy appellation—it means time and resources have been invested into finding better moving solutions, but also into the training of all staff members to ensure a customer-first experience.

Not only is UniGroup Asia a certified FAIM company, it is also a member of the FIDI global alliance of relocating experts who comply to global standards. With UniGroup being in activity in 180 countries, it’s a real plus for your serenity as you can expect the same care and safety services from your UniGroup movers in Hong Kong and abroad.

Photo: UniGroup Asia

Prepare the move

Once you’re happy with your moving company, there are still a few things to get done. Packing and organising can be a pain, which is why UniGroup services include a pre-move survey where the experts assess the requirements of your home or office relocation. Once the detailed moving plan has been established and the quote agreed upon, you can decide on services such as disassembling and assembling furniture, crating fragile items, pet and vehicle transportation, handyman service, box unpacking, all-risk insurance, cleaning, and even short- or long-term storage.

Since moving is made hassle-free, you’ll have time to consider an eco-friendlier moving process. From using recycled packing material to cutting down on fuel and reforestation, you can reduce the negative impact of your move on the planet. UniGroup Asia is right there with you, having explored environmental-friendly moving solutions for years.

Photo: UniGroup Asia

It’s moving day!

Now, the day has finally come for you to move. We all have some trauma from carrying heavy boxes up and down flights of stairs, scratching the wooden floors while dragging furniture, and being unable to find where our clothes for days after moving. Although it can be the source of a lot of stress, it is possible for you to feel relaxed—we promise!

Whether you are moving to a new place or office in Hong Kong or resettling abroad, the UniGroup Asia movers have it down to a tee—they will protect your space to prevent any damage, wrap your furniture in blankets before securing everything in the moving truck, and clear all administrative and customs processes before delivery.

Anywhere in the world, a team will receive your goods, unload everything, and position furniture and boxes where you want them to be. For office moves, an IT equipment shutdown and reinstallation is even included in the move, as well as an introduction to the new building for the staff to be accustomed with health and security briefings.

Photo: UniGroup Asia

Enjoy your new space

Let the UniGroup movers unload your boxes, place your furniture where you want it, and clean up all the packing material before they head out. After-move services are also in place to make sure UniGroup only leaves once the moving and move-in process is truly over and all you have left to do is enjoy your new space.

If you’re in need of a moving company, get in touch with UniGroup Asia here.

UniGroup Asia

Assisting your domestic and international moves, UniGroup Asia provides top-tier removal services that keep things as easy and carefree as possible. With decades worth of expertise, as well as agents in up to over 180 countries, its high-quality services guarantee satisfaction. Believing that neither environmental protection nor first-rate experiences should be compromised, its operations perfectly marry efficiency with sustainability.

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