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About us

Real stories.
Real news.
Real insight.

And real humour, too. Covering the hottest new eats, the best places to play, offbeat takes on local culture, and so much more, Localiiz is every Hongkonger’s destination for how to live a well-rounded life in our vibrant city. We share our stories visually, through lifestyle and neighbourhood guides, quirky news articles, and narrative videos that deep-dive into the hidden side of the 852.

Since our launch in 2012, we have fast become Hong Kong’s leading website for things to do and where to do them. Our Humans of Hong Kong series explores unique Hong Kong stories and showcases the different faces that make up the city. We also provide an ever-expanding directory to help you navigate the maze of Hong Kong. Why the strange spelling? Well, Localiiz is designed to be your “local eyes”—and for that, you need two i’s.

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