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Your Guide to Hiking and Running Races in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 31 July 2017
Dig out your running shoes Hong Kong because the city's sprinting season is well and truly underway. From gentle joggers to endurance experts, there are events suitable for all ages and abilities throughout the year, with a much-needed break during the height of summer. Deciding which one to sign up for can feel like a marathon task in itself, so we've created a monthly guide of the biggest events in the city to help you decide - most dates are to be confirmed ... and fancy dress is optional!
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The Green Race

Put your new year's resolutions into action at The Green Race on January 7. Various routes are planned around Braemar Hill to cater for runners of all levels - including a family-friendly 3km route which kicks off at 11am. As an eco-friendly race you will be presented with recycled wood medals and trophies at the finish line, and runners are also asked to bring their own water bottles. When: January 7 Distance: 3km, 5km, 10km, or 15km Good for: family, athletes

King of the Hills Mountain Marathon Series: Lantau

Have you've got what it takes to be crowned King of the Hills? This mountain trail race, conducted over four stages in different locations, combines challenging courses covering a variety of off-track terrains with breathtaking views. With 4.5 and 6.5 hour time limits for the half and full marathon courses, respectively, this is one for the endurance experts among us. If you like the sound of these trails, check out the Sai Kung course in February, and the Tai Po course in March, and the Hong Kong Island course in November. When: January 8 Distance: half marathon and marathon Good for: athletes

Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race

Conquering a 100km course which snakes through untouched beaches and forests, determined participants will push themselves to the limits within a 30-hour time limit, with a breathtaking descent to the finish line from Hong Kong’s highest peak, Tai Mo Shan. If you're all about the next big challenge, then the Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race (pictured) is for you. When: January 14 Distance: 100km Good for: athletes

 Clearwater Bay Chase

Gather your youngsters and complete the 1km Clearwater Bay Chase trail together. With all enrollment fees going towards Breakthrough's Liberal Studies Project, this is the perfect opportunity to get the family active for a good cause. When: January 15 Distance: 1km and 10km Good for: family, fun, charity

Green Power Hike

Established in 1994, the annual Green Power Hike is one of the city's largest and most profitable charity hikes. Having raised over $78 million for Green Power, an organisation that tackles Hong Kong's environmental problems, this environmentally-friendly exploration is definitely one to put in your diary. When: January 21 Distance: 10km, 25km, or 50km Good for: family, charity [/su_spoiler]
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Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

With over 70,000 runners taking part in 2016, the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (pictured above) is one of our city's biggest sporting events. Snaking through the streets of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, the cheering crowds will get your adrenaline pumping, and before you know it you will be crossing the finish line. When: February 12 Distance: 10km, half marathon, and marathon Good for: athletes

Ultimate Direction LBC Valentine's Day Race

If you fancy doing something alternative on the most romantic day of the year, then the Ultimate Direction LBC Valentine's Day Race might just be your perfect match. With stunning views as you explore Lantau Island, and prizes for the best fancy dress costumes, this promises to be both romantic and hilarious. When: February 11 Distance: 13km Good for: fun

King of the Hills Mountain Marathon Series: Sai Kung

This King of the Hills mountain trail race, conducted over four stages in different locations, combines challenging courses across off-track terrains with breathtaking views. With 4.5 and 6.5 hour time limits for the half and full marathon courses, respectively, this is one for the endurance experts among us. If you like the sound of this trail, check out the Lantau course in January, the Tai Po course in March, and the Hong Kong Island course in November. When: February 12 Distance: half marathon and marathon Good for: athletes

Run for Change

Organised by the WWF (World Wide Fund, not the one with the wrestlers in excellent pants), Run for Change is divided into 29 categories according to gender and age and is spread across various levels including 3.5km, 10km and 1km. This years event takes place in Tai Po with the tagline exclaiming 'Run for a Solar Powered City', something I'm sure we can all get behind. When: February 19 Distance: 1km, 3.5km & 10km Good for: fun, charity

 AVOHK Tai Tam Reservoir

Don't be fooled by figures - although this is the shortest of the AVOHK Reservoir Series trails, it is claimed to be the most difficult. If you like the sound of this event, check out the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Race in December. When: February 25 Distance: 12.5km - 13km Good for: athletes

Hope For Children Charity Run

In its first organised charity run, Hope For Children - an organisation that strives to offer health and educational security for impoverished families, hopes to bring people together to raise money for their worthy cause. When: February 26 Distance: 4km and 8km Good for: charity, family, fun

OPCF Run For Survival

Raising money to preserve Hong Kong's rich marine eco-system, you'll be dressed up as an endangered sea animal whilst running in the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation (OCPF) Run For Survival. Sign up for either the 3km or 10km course, and quickly navigate your way through obstacles to escape the marine debris and Ocean Killers, who will be hot on your heels! When: February 26 Distance: 3km and 10km Good for: charity, family, fun[/su_spoiler]
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TransLantau Running Race

 King of the Hills Mountain Marathon Series: Tai Po

This King of the Hills mountain trail race, conducted over four stages in different locations, combines challenging courses across off-track terrains with breathtaking views. With 4.5 and 6.5 hour time limits for the half and full marathon courses, respectively, this is one for the endurance experts among us. If you like the sound of this trail, check out the Lantau course in January, the Sai Kung course in February and the Hong Kong Island course in November. When: March 5 Distance: half marathon and marathon Good for: athletes

Quam Outward Bound Adventure Race

Teams of four take on 16km's of kayaking, trail running, swimming and orienteering (along with some surprises along the way) in the challenging Quam Outward Bound Adventure Race that requires both stamina and teamwork. And, if 16km seems like childs play to you, there's an elite category that adds 6kms to the fun. When: March 5 Distance: 16km & 22km Good for: athletes

Race for Water 2017

Hosted this year by A Drop of Life, Race for Water 2017 challenges participants to carry four and a half litres of water on their back while they race to experience the hardships experienced by many around in the world as they endure to acquire something that we all take for granted. Money raised from the race will go towards helping those around the world more easily obtain clean drinking water. When: March 12 Distance: 15km & 30km Good for: athletes, charity


Push your physical limits whilst admiring Lantau's views and scenery with the TransLantau races (pictured above). Winding through Tai O village, climbing up Sunset and Lantau peaks, and incorporating three country parks, the beautiful views will give you the motivation you need to sail over the finish line. When: March 10 - 12 Distance: 25km, 50km, and 100km Good for: athletes

CWS City Challenge 2017

The CWS City Challenge invites you to put together a team of two to five people for an adventure spanning some of Hong Kong's best hidden gems! This team challenge will put your knowledge,  communication, navigation, creativity,  stamina, and teamwork to the test! When: March 11 Distance: 30 checkpoints (the distance and speed isn't really a factor, anyone can participate) Good for: family, fun, charity

Calbee Run for Happiness

It may seem ironic that a company that deals in primarily crisps and other, arguably not-so-healthy snacks is organising a marathon. But hey, crisps make people happy, and so does running, so maybe it's not that strange. The best thing about this is that all proceeds go to a worthy charity by way of the Hong Kong Employment Development Service. When: March 12 Distance: 1km, 3km, and 10km Good for: charity, people that like crisps, fun

Hysan Healthy Hike 'n Run

Three trails of varying length and difficulty will take runners through some of the most beautiful scenery Hong Kong has to offer, as part of the Hysan Healthy Hike 'n Run. Organised by Hysan property developers, this community event is a great way to get the whole family moving, with athletes of all ages welcome to take part. When: March 19 Distance: 5km, 13km, and 21km Good for: family, fun


This is one for the whole family, four-legged friends included. TrailWagger is a great opportunity to meet fellow dog walkers as you cover the scenic route from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay. With a bowl of water waiting for each pup as they cross the finish line, we've got a feeling this new event is going to be a big hit with the canine population. Plus, all funds raised will be donated to Hong Kong's less fortunate bow wows. When: March 25 Distance: 8km Good for: family, fun, charity

Panasonic Pacers Charity Easter Run

With a plethora of categories covering age, gender, distance and favourite colour (probably), the Panasonic Pacers Charity Easter Run is a super event with loads of great prizes for competitors and proceeds going towards the Charles K Kao Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease. When: March 26 Distance: 4km, 10km & half marathon Good for: fun, charity

Lantau International Beer Dash

If socialising and working out are your two favourite past times, then San Miguel's Lantau International Beer Dash is the race for you. Dig out your best fancy dress costume, admire the beauty of Lantau Island, and taste beers from around the world as you pass each kilometre mark. Cheers!  When: March 25 Distance: 5km Good for: fun

Salomon To The Top

With three courses of varying length, Salomon To The Top caters for kids as young as six. For more mature runners, breathtaking views are the prize when they complete the 30km course, which climbs from sea level to the top of Tai Mo Shan, the highest peak in Hong Kong. When: TBC Distance: 2km, 10km, and 30km Good for: family, athletes [/su_spoiler]
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Bonaqua Lifeproof Action Sprint Series Sai Kung

Women's Five

So much more than just one running event (literally and figuratively). Women's Five is a whole journey of lifestyle and fitness with a 5km run being the culmination of five-weeks of running and Yoga programs designed to sharpen up body and mind - with the final run being the cumulative fruit of your labours. This is an amazing program designed for its social benefits as much as its physical. When: April 1 Distance: 5km Good for: fun, charity

GreenRace Ultra

The dedicated team at GreenRace have dreamt up an amazing new challenge by way of two courses for this year's competition. A beautiful 70km Ultra as well as a 35km around Plover Cove Reservoir and Pat Shing Country Park When: April 1 Distance: 35km & 70km Good for: athletes

HK Stairmaster Series: Lantau

Well known to be the toughest of the short-course races, the first half of the HK Stairmaster Series covers the Sunset and Lantau Peaks - twice. Swinging by the Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping, there is no doubt that awesome views will be abundant as you tackle the Lantau mountains. If you like the sound of this course, check out the second part of the series over The Twins and Violet Hill on April 16. When: April 8 Distance: 20km Good for: athletes

 National Geographic Channel Earth Day Run

In celebration of Earth Day, and to promote the ongoing battle for a cleaner environment, National Geographic Channel Earth Day Run invites everyone to get outside and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. With a 3km fun run or a 10km race, all ages are welcome to take part in this event. When: April 9 Distance: 3km or 10km Good for: family, fun

HK Stairmaster Series: Twins

If the first installment of the HK Stairmaster Series in Lantau has left you desperate for more athletic adventures, then the second race scheduled to take place just one week later will be right up your street. Once again, the mountainous course requires participants to climb Hong Kong's peaks not once, but twice. This time round, runners will be tackling The Twins and Violet Hill. When: April 15 Distance: 10km Good for: athletes

Country of Origin Trail Run

Feeling patriotic? Teams of three, with a shared nationality, are invited to take part in the annual Country of Origin Trail Run. Aiming to bring together Hong Kong's eclectic mix of nationalities, this 30km Lantau trail looks set to be a competitive occasion. When: April 22 Distance: 30km Good for: fun, athletes

Hard As Nayls

Returning for round three, it's one of Hong Kong's toughest and most environmentally friendly races. In honour of runner Andy Naylor, families are invited to take part in the 4km and 8km trails, held on Saturday, and climb Tin Ha Shan - no easy feat, don't be fooled by the short distance! Come Sunday, it's time for the endurance experts to take on the Hard As Nayls half marathon and marathon challenges, touring the hills and sights of Clearwater Bay, near Hang Hau. This year, to make the race greener than ever, competitors are required to bring their own bottle, and heavy, metal medals are to be replaced with woven badges. When: April 29 - 30, 2017 Distance: 4km, 8km, 10km, 16km, and 42km Good for: family, fun, athletes, charity

Bonaqua Lifeproof Action Sprint

Part of the Bonaqua Lifeproof Action Sprint series (pictured above), this race hike and trail run will take participants, aged 14 and over, off the main Sai Kung trails, and treat them to beautiful scenery in secret locations. When: April 15 Distance: 12km Good for: family, athletes

Round the Island

Dating back to 1982, Round the Island is an established running event which curves around Hong Kong island in a figure of eight. Incorporating sections of the well-worn Hong Kong trail and Sir Cecil's Ride, solo runners, duos, and relay teams are welcome to take part in this endurance event. When: April 2 Distance: 64km Good for: athletes

The Foam Run

Hardcore training and marathon courses aren't for everyone. However, that doesn't mean you can't get involved in Hong Kong's running events. A vibrant alternative for the gentle jogger is The Foam Run, hosted in aid of the Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity. This untimed 5km route takes participants in a circular route in Tai Wai, along a beautiful river-side path, and through multiple walls of multi-coloured foam. When: N/A Distance: 5km Good for: fun, family, charity

 Pokfulam Challenge

With proceeds going to charity, there is no better way to get the whole family up and active than with a family run and fun day. With a family treasure hunt, and tonnes of other fun activities to get stuck into after completing the course, the Pokfulam Challenge is sure to keep everyone happy. When: April 24 Distance: 10km Good for: family, fun, charity

Go Fun Fearless Dragon Charity Run

With all proceeds of the Go Fun Fearless Dragon Charity Run going to help the visually and audibly impaired, this charity event is fuelled by the desire to promote inclusiveness and community spirit. With a gift pack for participants, free flow ice cream and cookies for spectators, and a blind folded 3km run, this looks set to be a fun filled day! Please email [email protected] or call (+852) 2771 9666 for English application. Tickets will not be available on the day, so make sure you get organised beforehand. When: April 26 Distance: 1km, 3km, and 10km Good for: charity, fun [/su_spoiler]
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Terramar Hong Kong RunLightPaddle Race Series

C3fit Action Asia Challenge Hong Kong

Feeling adventurous? Explore scenic areas in the New Territories, and promote healthy living with the C3fit Action Asia Challenge. If you fancy shaking up the trail run, enrol in the courses which incorporate kayaking, mountain biking, and abseiling! When: May 6 Distance: 12km, 15km, and 37km+ Good for: athletes, family

Ride of Silence Hong Kong

In 2015, ten cyclists were killed in Hong Kong - and a further 2,500 were injured. The annual Ride of Silence Hong Kong is part of a global movement which sees cyclists ride together in silent memorial, and to raise awareness for greater consideration and respect on the road for cyclists. When: May 18 Distance: 14km Good for: athletes, family, charity


In this third iteration of Terramar HK's RunLightPaddle series (pictured above), participants of the Dragon's Back route can shake things up, take to the high seas, and paddle their way back to the finish line. Don't panic if seaborne activities aren't your thing - stick to dry land and complete the whole trail on foot. When: May 14, (8am) Distance: 14km Good for: athletes, fun

Run for Change: A Starry Night Run

Calling all eco-warriors! Run for Change with the WWF in A Starry Night Run as darkness falls on a balmy May evening. The scenic Pak Shek Kok Promenade is the chosen venue for this inclusive event, which is divided into 31 categories to cater for all ages and abilities. Kids from the age of ten are welcome to join the fun, and run for change. When: (Held in Feb this year) Distance: 3km, 4km, and 10km Good for: athletes, families, fun, charity

Easter Kids Trail Run Race

Nurture the enthusiasm of your young runners and complete this Aberdeen course as a family. Kids aged 11 to 16 can let their independence blossom as they tackle the Easter Kids Trail Run Race by themselves. When: May 13 Distance: 4-5km Good for: family, fun

GreenRace Pottinger

This event runs a whole gamut of distances and challenge levels ranging from 5km kids runs all the way to 15km solo and paired runs that cover Pottinger and Dragon's Back. Your registration not only gets to the starting line but includes a GreenRace Bib Race Belt, an FSC Maplewood Finisher’s Trophy with Fuji Instax Photo, a well earned Dragon’s Back Beer from Hong Kong Beer Co. at the finish line along with some eats. When: May 20 Distance: 5km - 15km Good for: family, fun [/su_spoiler]
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Sheko Challenge Hong Kong Swimming Race

Sheko Challenge

Swim, paddle, or run - the choice is yours at the Sheko Challenge. Returning for its 12th edition, this hugely popular race sees thousands of people race from Big Wave Bay to the finish line, and post-race party, at Sheko Back Beach. Plus, youngsters aged between 10 and 18 are now welcome to join in the fun and sign up for the Kids Swim category - a 600m loop starting and finishing at Back Beach. Keep an eye out for the Localiiz team who will be cheering participants over the finish line, enjoying some live music and tasty food, and possibly even trying their hand at beach water polo! We'll see you there.   When: July 8 Distance: Swim - 2.2km/ Paddle - 8.5km/ Run - 9km Good for: athletes

Standard Chartered Charity Family Run

Grab the family and take part in the Standard Chartered Charity Family Run which raises money for three meaningful causes: Seeing is Believing – Orbis, Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled, and Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society. There are two distances to choose from: 2km Run and 400m Run. The 400m Love From Past Life Run is open to parents with their children aged 5 or under, and the 2km Run has a special category - 97 Babies Run, especially designed for those born in 1997 to participate. The run begins at Central Pier 10 and continues along the Central Promenade to Tamar Park. A free-admission family carnival awaits runners and the public at the finish line. No entry fee is required, but each participant aged 6 or above will have to donate a minimum of $200. When: July 23 Where: Pier 10, Central Good for: family, fun, charity [/su_spoiler]
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Southern District X-Country Race

The Southern District X-Country Race will be held at Aberdeen Country Park on Hong Kong Island, offering three distances ranging from 1.2km to 9km over the course of the day. The deadline for sign up is July 23. When: August 13, (8.30am start) Distance: 1.2km / 3.5km / 9km Good for: athletes

The AVOHK 5K Series: Bowen Road

With trophies and cash coupons up for grabs, there are plenty of reasons to sign up for the AVOHK 5K Series. The first instalment of the four part series is along Bowen Road, winding around Lover's Rock and skirting Aberdeen Country Park. If you like the sound of this trail, check out the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and Wan Chai Gap races in September and the South Bay run in October. If you take part in three or more of the races, you will bag an AVOHK-adidas 5km souvenir t-shirt! When: August 19, (8am start) Distance: 5km Good for: athletes, families

The 17th Annual Chung Hing Cup Tsuen Wan 10K - Super Summer Challenge Race

Organised by Hong Kong Marathon Pro to promote and encourage marathon sport, the annual Super Summer Challenge Race invites teams of three (men and women) to complete the 10km race within a 1hr 30min time limit. Teams are categorized according to the birth year of their runners and the first three teams in each group will be awarded Chung Hing Sports Coupons. Register fee costs $150 each or $180 (which includes one bus ticket) When: August 27, (8.15am start) Distance: 10km Good for: fun, families, team players [/su_spoiler]
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The Great Relay Race Aberdeen Country Park Hong Kong

AVOHK 5K Series: Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and Wan Chai Gap Playground

The second and third races in the AVOHK 5K Series, the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and Wan Chai Gap Road are the chosen venues for these 5km courses. Runners aged 12 and upwards are welcome to take part, so gather together the teens in your family and get training! If you like the sound of these races, check out the Bowen Road course in August and the South Bay trail in October. When: September 2 (second race), September 16 (third race) Distance: 5km Good for: families

From Darkness to Sunrise: City Orienteering Competition

If your mind wants to get in on the action, then the From Darkness to Sunrise Orienteering Competition is right up your street. Organised by the Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong, to represent those recovering from emotional distress by emerging from the darkness into the light, participants are challenged to bypass obstacles and determine the quickest routes to reach the various checkpoints. Upon completion, team mates will witness the breath-taking sunrise over the city at Kai Tak Runway Park. When: September 9 - 10 Distance: 21km, 26km, and 32km Good for: fun, charity, athletes

Immortals Green Race

Taking place at Kong Ha Au Barbecue Site in Plover Cove Country Park, the Immortal Green Race is not only about doing good to your body, but also to the environment too. Depending on your experience level, there are various routes for you to choose from so you can fly solo and challenge your endurance or run with your kids for an ultimate healthy family day. When: September 16 Distance: 5km, 15km, and 30km Good for: athletes, family

Terry Fox Run

This non-competitive event invites individuals, families, and groups to come together in honour of Canadian athlete and cancer research activist Terry Fox. With all of the proceeds going to support cure-oriented cancer research in Hong Kong, the Terry Fox Run is an active family day out for a cause close to many people's hearts. When: September 17 Distance: 3km, 5km, or 10km Good for: family, charity

The Great Relay

Harking back to school sports day, The Great Relay (pictured above) is a feel-good, bonding event with teams of between 2 and 6 buddying up to tackle lengthy courses. True to school sports day tradition, runners shall pass a baton between them every 5.5km of the way, until they've completed their chosen distance. The crucial baton-passing moment takes place in Aberdeen Country Park, so friends and family can show support with whoops and cheers. It's quite the day out actually, with ice cream, massages, and yoga amongst other excitement last year. When: September 24 Distance: 30km, 50km, and 100km (5.5km loops) Good for: families, athletes

Hong Kong Triathlon Challenge Race

The Hong Kong Triathlon Challenge Race is definitely not one for the faint hearted- those completing the Super Challenge course will cover over 100km! There are a range of other categories for those dipping their toe in the triathlon world, promising lush green views along the way as you take a dip in Plover Cove, cycle along Bride's Pool Road, and round it all off with a run around Plover Cove Reservoir. Want to learn more? Find out All You Need To Know About Cycling in Hong Kong.

When: September 24 Distance: 250m swimming/ 15km cycling/ 3km running - 1.5km swimming/ 60km cycling/ 50km running Good for: athletes, families

The Community Chest Wheelock Swim for Millions

Fancy a dip? The Community Chest Wheelock Swim for Millions (pictured above) welcomes individuals, school teams, and families to dive into the action at Repulse Bay Beach. With all the funds being donated to The Community Chest of Hong Kong's 2,400 service units which support everyone from families and the elderly to the terminally ill, this is a major charity race. When: September 24 Distance: 100m - 1km Good for: charity, family

AVOHK 5K Series: South Bay

We are heading down to Repulse Bay for the final race in the AVOHK 5K Series. With picturesque views of the ocean accompanying you all the way, this 5km course is a great opportunity for gentle joggers to get going. If you like the sound of this course, check out the Bowen Road race in August and the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and Wan Chai Gap Playground trails in September. When: September 30 Distance: 5km Good for: athletes [/su_spoiler]
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The Community Chest Wheelock Swim for Millions Hong Kong

Barclays MoonTrekker

Hike through the night for a good cause, and catch the sunrise at Pui O Beach on Lantau island.  Participants can go solo or enter in teams, as long as they fulfill the required sponsorship amount of $650 per person, which is donated to the event's nominated charity, Barclays MoonTrekker. When: October 13 Distance: 30km and 43km Good for: fun, athletes

Central Rat Race

Located right in the heart of Hong Kong's Central business district, Central Rat Race is a course with a difference. Running trails? Not this time. This course winds through office buildings and connecting walkways! Relay teams of executives dress up in either business attire or creative costumes and race to the finish line, tackling hilarious obstacles and tasks in the way, to raise money for charity. When: October 15 Distance: The same as going to the toilet when you're at work - but about a hundred times over Good for: charity, fun

Hebe Haven 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race

Organised by Hebe Haven Yacht Club, the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race is an annual event set to raise money for Hong Kong Charities such as the Children's Cancer Foundation. Set in the sheltered waters in front of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Sai Kung, the race offers a challenging lap race around a short course that will be kept within sight of the club, making it perfect for both adults and children who just want to get in on the fun, while still satisfying the competitive needs of more experienced racers. When: October 21 & 22 Distance: 1.8km Good for: charity, fun, athletes

Lantau Trail 70

From steep mountainous tracks, to flat footpaths, the Lantau Trail 70 covers a variety of terrain. Both solo runners and relay teams of four are welcome to sign up for this race which is an official qualifier for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. When: October 28 Distance: 70km Good for: athletes

 Ten Times Needle Hill

Are you ready for a challenge? Though Ten Times Needle Hill may not be the longest race, it requires a steely level of stamina, with the course requiring you to climb Needle Hill ten times. This definitely isn't for the faint-hearted. When: October 28 Distance: 21km Good for: athletes

The Sedan Chair Charity Race

If you're looking for a creative race, this might just be your ticket. Teams of eight runners and one passenger will complete a 2.1km route with a decorated sedan chair in tow - the weirder and wackier the better! A central event in the charity racing calendar, The Sedan Chair Charity Race has raised over $68 million for 134 Hong Kong charities since it was establishment in 1975. Introducing a new family-friendly game this year, the Mini Sedan Chair Obstacle Run will offer an excellent opportunity for you and your little ones to enjoy a fun and unique experience. Make sure you stick around for food, music, and entertainment afterwards too. When: October 29 Distance: 2.1km Good for: charity, fun, family

Repulse Bay Triple

Making a splash on Hong Kong's waterborne race scene, the Repulse Bay Triple is a new race at the Hong Kong Beach Fest which challenges swimmers to complete three high intensity swim courses (900m, 600m, and 300m) and a beach run, varying in under two hours. Do you accept the challenge? When: October 29 Distance: 1.8km Good for: athletes [/su_spoiler]
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Spartan Race Hong Kong

Read more! Check out 5 Festive Races You Need To Sign Up For Now

Spartan Race

If you're looking for the ultimate test of endurance, determination, and strength, look no further. The Spartan Race (pictured above) is coming to Hong Kong for the very first time, and we can already feel the excitement bubbling. Throwing between 20 and 30 obstacles into the mix, depending on your chosen distance, you'll be leaping, running, crawling, and climbing in pursuit of the Spartan warrior title. When: November 4 Distance: 6km with 20 obstacles Good for: athletes, fun

Lamma 8

As the first charity race on Lamma island, this 8km trail is the perfect opportunity to run for a good cause in a picturesque setting. Plus, when you cross the Lamma 8 finish line on Tai Wai To Beach, you're in the perfect spot to celebrate at partnering event, Lamma Fun Day. When: November 4 Distance: 8km Good for: family, charity

Terry Fox Run

Looking for a non-competitive fun run for a great cause? Returning for its fifth edition, the Terry Fox Run will be held on November 4 at Renaissance College in Ma On Shan. With no enrolment fee or minimum donation required, the race invites everyone and anyone from running enthusiasts to families and even corporate teams to join. All funds raised will be donated to Hong Kong based cancer research projects. When: November 4 Distance: 3km / 5km / 10km Good for: charity, fun, family

Discovery Bay 10km Run for Charity

The Discovery Bay 10km Run for Charity raised over $180,000 for charity in 2015 - a fittingly impressive target to mark the event's 11th year. The 10km course skirts the picturesque Discovery Bay coast on Lantau island. Keep your eyes peeled for news of which charity the organisers will choose to support with this year's funds. From the Make a Wish foundation, to SOS Lanka Action, this running event strives to help a whole variety of charities, people, and places. When: November 11 Distance: 10km Good for: charity, fun, families, athletes

Pok Oi x Old Master Q Hong Kong Charity Run

Organised by Pok Oi Hospital, the Pok Oi x Master Q Charity Run is first of its kind in Hong Kong. Featuring the city's very own vintage comic character, Old Master Q, there will be an enrolment quota of 6,000 places allocated to three different categories. Whether or not you're a fan of Old Master Q, this is a great opportunity to help raise money for the Youth Development Fund and have some fun along the way. When: November 12 Distance: 1km / 3km / 10km Good for: charity, fun, families, athletes

Oxfam Trailwalker

One of the largest fundraising events in our city's sporting calendar, Oxfam Trailwalker challenges teams of four and above to tackle a 100km trail. With just 48 hours to cross the finish line, you will be amazed at the close bond you will form with your teammates. When: November 17 - 19 Distance: 100km Good for: athletes

Women's Five

Get ready girls because this Women's Five is more than just a run. Partnering with local women's charity RainLily, this 5km run will be held by the Ma On Shan Promenade. Don't worry if you are new to the world of racing, as you can join a five-week health and wellness program as well as weekly training sessions to help you get ready for the big day. When: November 18  Distance: 5km Good for: athletes, fun (women only)

Hysan Island Hike and Run

In order to promote healthy living and sustainability, Hysan development will be holding a Hysan Island Hike and Run this November down at Deep Water Bay. With three different routes covering various distances so runners with all backgrounds can join in the fun, it's a great excuse to get your kids out of the house. When: November 25  Distance: 3km, 19km, 27km Good for: athletes, family [/su_spoiler]
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Santa Con 

Although the exact details of the epic Santa themed annual bar crawl have not been confirmed yet, it's safe to say that the popular drinking areas of Wan Chai and Central will be turning red this December 2 as a sea of festive drinkers, donning the classic red and white outfit, meander through the streets for Santa Con. Just make sure you have a substantial breakfast before embarking on this 12-hour long party. Cheers! When: December 2 Distance: TBC Good for: fun

SHKP Vertical Run for Charity

The iconic International Commercial Centre (ICC) is the venue for the SHKP Vertical Run for Charity (pictured above). Entrants are challenged to climb 2,120 steps up the tallest building in Hong Kong, crossing the finish line on the 100th floor, and soaking up the incredible views on the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck. Relay teams are more than welcome to sign up - after all, 2,120 steps is quite a steep figure. When: December 3 Distance: 2,120 steps Good for: charity, fun, athletes

Pink Heels Race

Put on your brightest, pinkest heels boys and girls (yes, boys too!), because it's time to start running. With the aim of raising awareness of hereditary diseases such as breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer, and support cancer patients as well as their struggling families, the annual Pink Heels Race is open for all to join. There will be a total of six different categories with four fun races that require all participants to wear a minimum of 1.5 inch pink heels, and two 5km races for those who are up for a challenge around the jagged hills and paths of Stanley. Even if you're not running the mile yourself, you can head over to Stanley on the day and show your support by adding a splash of pink to your outfit. When: December 3 Distance: 100m, 5km Good for: charity, fun, athletes

Charity Challenge Race

We all love a good obstacle race, and even more so when it's for a great cause! Raising funds for the Kwong Wah Hospital Redevelopment Project, the Charity Challenge Race consists of six different obstacle points along a 2.5km course, where racers will be challenged to climb, crawl, and slide their way to the finish line. Whilst you make your way through, there will be a number of game booths, food stands, and stage performances with live music by the finishing line - plenty to keep your family and supporters entertained as they wait for your triumphant return. When: December 10 Distance: 2.5km Good for: fun, family, charity

Santa Hash 2017

If simply running isn't enough of a challenge for you, then take on the additional challenge of clues, symbols, and wrong turns at the annual Santa Hash. Raising money for Operation Santa Claus, this cross-country trail welcomes walkers and runners of all ages and fitness levels to navigate their way to the finish line, before joining the post-hash festivities. In addition to a well-deserved buffet, Christmas raffle, and fancy dress prizes, there will be a circle of punishments (it's a light-hearted affair, we promise) for corner-cutters and other offenders. You've been warned! When: December 10 Distance: TBC Good for: fun, family, charity

Hope Worldwide Great Santa Run

They say "the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear", but we reckon seeing thousands of Santas running along the Pak Shek Kok Promenade is a pretty good option too. Raising awareness and funds for the underprivileged children of Hong Kong, the HOPE Worldwide Great Santa Run welcomes families, individuals, and corporate companies to join the pack. As an extra bonus, all participants will receive a complimentary Santa suit too. When: December 16 Distance: 1km, 3km, and 8km Good for: fun, family, charity

Win Win Run

Sponsored by Pocari Sweat and the promise of a tasty drink as you cross the finish line, Win Win Run is an aptly named race because hey, running is a win-win situation. Touring the harbour town of Ma On Shan up in the New Territories, the run is a good opportunity to explore an outlying area of Hong Kong while keeping your body in shape too. There will also be a 2.6km course for wheelchair users too, so it's game on for everyone. When: December 24 Distance: 2km, 10km, 21km (half marathon) and 42km (marathon) Good for: athletes [/su_spoiler]

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