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9 best chiropractor clinics in Hong Kong for your next “break”

By Grace Chong 14 April 2021 | Last Updated 1 November 2023

Header image courtesy of Grizzly Studio

Originally published by Grace Chong. Last updated by Janice Lam and Ashley Siu.

You may have seen a few viral videos recently of a chiropractor straightening the back of someone with extreme scoliosis. Watching the doctor crack and re-align the spine is both fascinating and horrifying, with many viewers consciously sitting up from their hunched-over position in bed or at their desk.

Whilst extreme scoliosis to that degree may not be an issue for most people, our current lifestyle of staying glued to our phone screens and sitting cross-legged may be causing bigger issues than we are aware of. Our spinal cord acts as the main transit system for messengers, integral to keeping you standing upright and housing the main section of the central nervous system. In short, your spine plays a key role in maintaining your body’s ability to function and perform, and any damage and degradation to it will result in massive ramifications to your health.

Chiropractic health practitioners focus specifically on spinal health, both in the treatment and prevention of issues pertaining to the neuromusculoskeletal system. Chiropractors predominately utilise manual techniques for joint adjustments and physical manipulations. Over the years, the number of chiropractors in Hong Kong has risen as people discover the benefits of regular check-ups. Not just a rehabilitative practice, chiropractic services are excellent for pre- and post-natal care, neurological health, and relieving the general wear and tear of a poor-postured lifestyle.

Check out some of the best chiropractors and chiropractic clinics in Hong Kong for your next “break.”

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Photo: Grizzly Studio

Grizzly Studio

We’ve all had moments when sitting at a desk for many, many hours suddenly triggers back pain for seemingly no reason at all (except for maybe, well, the prolonged periods of inactivity). Luckily, Grizzly Studio and its signature corrective postural alignment therapy is here to help. Don’t be fooled by its gym-like studio—this practice houses the only certified Egoscue therapist in Hong Kong. Get ready to banish your posture problems for good by targeting the root cause of your pain.

At Grizzly Studio, your body is seen as a whole unit. The team knows a misalignment in one location can result in chronic pain as your body adapts and changes its natural posture to accommodate imbalances. To eliminate pain and prevent future recurrence, lead therapist Nacho utilises the Egoscue method, incorporating gentle exercises and stretches in a highly personalised posture-improving programme, in order to return balance and symmetry to your body in just eight weeks.

For newcomers, Grizzly Studio offers a free trial consisting of a 60-minute class and a photo assessment worth $1,800. Grab this chance to live a pain-free life!

Grizzly Studio, Room O & P, 9/F, Block 2, Kingley Industrial Building, 33 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang | (+852) 9855 4443

Recommended Localiiz partner.

Photo: Momentum (via Facebook)


If you are a sports enthusiast, having sports injuries or constant aches would really slow you down. Fortunately, Momentum is here to help you regain your momentum. With bright white walls, an abundance of plants, and soothing music playing across the facility, Momentum aims to improve your condition for better performance, be it for professional competition or everyday workouts.

Focused on sports-related recovery and relief, Momentum’s chirocare programme helps take care of every part of your health, be it physical, mental, and social. Dr Ian Shaw is specialised in chiropractic and sports performance therapy, so much so that he has worked as a sports medicine performance therapist at the Olympic games!

After an individual consultation session, you will receive a tailed treatment plan that ranges from chiropractic manipulations and muscle tension release to acupuncture and home exercise programmes—Momentum believes in a collaborative effort in working towards your health. Their services are not just for injured athletes, but also for those who seek to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Other than chiropractic, Momentum also has other healthcare programmes to get you back on track with your health.

Momentum, 6/F, Winsome House, 73 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 9339 3202

Photo: Hong Kong Sports Clinic

Hong Kong Sports Clinic

Hong Kong Sports Clinic is a medical facility that offers services and relieves for a variety of healthcare issues. Chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, dry needling, pre-natal exercise—you name it, they do it, and they even do online therapy consultations. Believing in giving back to society, Hong Kong Sports Clinic also offers free therapy services to the hardworking domestic helpers in Hong Kong every weekend. Dr Elaine Leung, their chiropractor, is experienced in caring for all kinds of pains, such as sports injuries, pregnancy-related aches, and spine pains common among Hong Kong office workers. She is even a certified chiropractor for animals!

Hong Kong Sports Clinic, 1/F, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central | (+852) 3709 2846

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Photo: Stephanie Allen (via Pexels)

Rin Spine Centre

Rin Spine Centre helpfully breaks its services down into three programmes: intensive pain relief, spinal re-alignment, and spinal wellness. Intensive pain relief is their pain management programme and works to relieve stress and pain involving the spine, muscles, and nerves for patients with injuries. For those with more extreme and long-term spinal pain, the spine re-alignment programme utilises diamagnetic therapy as a non-invasive service, a particular favourite of those with chronic pain or inflammatory conditions. Spinal wellness focuses on maintenance and preventative measures to reduce future injuries and to catch minor existing conditions that can be quickly treated.

Because each person’s body is different, it’s key that clients are comfortable discussing their personal needs with their chiropractor, who, in turn, should be familiar with a wide range of suitable options and programmes. Dr Rin J. Park received his doctoral degree from Palmer University and went on to get certifications for scoliosis treatment, dry needles, and osteopathic and aesthetic medicine. Having practised in three countries, he brings a dearth of experience and knowledge that has helped him develop spinal treatments that have halted severe spinal deformities from progressing and reversed extreme curvatures!

Rin Spine Centre, Suite 1703, 17/F, Century Square, 1 D'Aguilar Street, Central | (+852) 2886 8482

Photo: @atlaschiropractichk (via Instagram)

Atlas Chiropractic

Just as Atlas from Greek mythology probably had the worst posture imaginable from carrying the world on his shoulders, our posture is highly influenced by our time spent folded over digital devices and under heavy backpacks.

Fortunately, the whole principle behind the treatments at Atlas Chiropractic is to target both internal and external stressors. Each client’s chiropractor will help align and balance the body whilst building an individualised lifestyle and routine change to optimise recovery and spinal health. Such adjustments tackle the symptoms of an unhealthy spine that many of us take as a given—such as chronic neck pain, fatigue, and headaches—and build healthier practices that strengthen the body.

Chiropractic services are not just for the tired office worker! Dr Ben Dryer, the founder of Atlas Chiropractic, has firmly established himself in the industry for his family-centred health care programmes, servicing newborns and children as well as their parents. Atlas Chiropractic also recently welcomed Dr Ariel Thorpe, whose certification as a personal trainer and fitness instructor allows her to integrate workouts and stretches into her programmes. So effective are her methods that past clients from her old San Francisco clinic have left reviews wishing for her to come back!

Atlas Chiropractic, 8/F, 10 Pottinger Street, Central | (+852) 2110 3901

Photo: Spine Centre (via Facebook)

Spine Centre

Just as how the central nervous system both feeds into and is fed by different parts of the body, we feed into and are fed by the many challenges and commitments that we face on a regular basis. There is no denying the role of stress on our health, whether it be from family issues, tight work deadlines, or Central MTR station at 6 pm during rush hour.

Spine Centre recognises the role that all of these individual factors have on the body, leading to strain over extended periods of time. As such, the team of chiropractors focuses on seeking out these factors and setting up prevention plans. Not just a few cracks of the back, Spine Centre also pushes their clients to improve their lifestyle to alleviate stress on their spines, whether it be from posture, dietary changes, and mental health.

A quick browse through their website will bring you to an assortment of treatment options, such as exercise therapy and ultrasound therapy. More accessible, however, is their blog on back health, which covers a range of topics, from strengthening exercises and workouts, breastfeeding tips, and backpack strain on children. These posts also offer good insight into the specialities and focus of the different chiropractors at the centre!

Spine Centre, 7/F, Parker House, 72 Queen’s Road Central, Central | (+852) 2111 9911

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Photo: Chiro Bear (via Facebook)

Tai Wai Chiropractic Centre & Millennium Chiropractic Centre

Although visiting a chiropractor can help “set you straight” (pun not intended) on the path to spinal health and wellness, a lot of the work happens in your daily habits and practices. It’s all too easy to slip back into the couch potato life and spend hours staring down at your phone, undoing all the good work of a visit with your chiropractor.

At Millennium Chiropractic Centre and its sister clinic Tai Wai Chiropractic Centre, aside from working tightly on your body-specific issues to determine the appropriate treatment, the chiropractors also regularly host stretching classes online to practice mindful exercises that help de-compress and re-align the spine.

In addition, it can be stressful enough for an adult to have someone working on their back, let alone a child. It paved the way for the child-friendly programme, Chiro Bear, which educates children on spinal and back health, and helps them feel comfortable with chiropractic visits. Doctors go back and forth between the two clinics, giving clients better access to services based on where they live, and offering services in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Tai Wai Chiropractic Centre, Unit 1015, 10/F, Tower 1, Grand Central Plaza, Sha Tin | (+852) 2692 6282

Millennium Chiropractic Centre, Unit 1204, 12/F, Entrepot Centre, 117 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong | (+852) 2357 9208

Photo: @uphealthhk (via Instagram)

Up! Health

With the belief that the only way to go is up, Up! Health helps you focus on the interlocking relationship between your body functions and structure. Without the need for invasive surgeries or medication, practitioners at Up! Health utilise a holistic formula that integrates dietary changes, exercise, and lifestyle modification.

Up! Health’s bright and spacious clinic belies the sense of doom and gloom often associated with health scares and check-ups. Aside from chiropractic medicine, the clinic also has other services, such as sports massage therapy, kinesiology services, traditional Chinese medicine, and counselling services. Its variety of services reflects the clinic’s belief that issues of health should be approached with a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Up! Health’s in-house chiropractor, Dr Michelle Zhou McCulloh, specialises in maternity and pediatric chiropractic care, but a quick browse through the clinic’s online reviews show she has established a solid reputation amongst clients, old and new! She, along with her colleagues, will help unpack what “wellness” means for you personally to get back in line with what your body needs the most.

Up! Health, 11/F, Wellington Place, 2–8 Wellington Street, Central | (+852) 2110 1674

Photo: Karolina Grabowska (via Pexel)

YourSpine Centre

Human bodies are fascinating and frustrating at the same time—every day, new light is shed upon how the different parts of the body are interconnected. It’s extremely eye-opening and a huge relief to figure out why insomnia has been a recurring issue, or how to relieve a headache after all painkiller options have been exhausted.

It is this holistic approach that the chiropractors focus on at YourSpine Centre. At YourSpine Centre, doctors prioritise three main treatment tenets: spinal care, creative programming, and wellness education. Through this three-pronged approach, major health concerns can be addressed in a sustainable and balanced manner.

Past clients have spoken positively about their experiences with Dr Dyer and Dr Sunny, both of whom have an aptness for prioritising client opinions and thoughts before proceeding with treatment recommendations. Given the extensive issues they have covered in their clinic, there’s hope for even the most curved and pained backs out there.

YourSpine Centre, Room 12E, China Insurance Building, 48 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2721 3999

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