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4 types of tailored suits that are perfect for hot weather

By Localiiz Branded | 16 April 2024

Header image courtesy of Raja Fashions

Summer in Hong Kong can be brutal—particularly for those who have to go to and fro in a suit. The humidity and the heat make it arduous to stay put together and comfortable without compromising style and professionalism. This is where a weather-appropriate tailored suit comes in handy.

A custom design goes beyond being a perfect fit for your physique—it ensures your garment is made with good quality and weather-appropriate materials. We spoke with the experts at Raja Fashions, Hong Kong’s one-stop shop for quality bespoke fashion, about what types of tailored suits and fabrics are ideal for hot weather. Here’s what they had to say.

Photo: Raja Fashions

Lightweight suits

While your winter suits keep you cosy and snug in colder temperatures, you should consider switching to lightweight suits when facing a sweltering Hong Kong summer. Raja Fashions recommends suits that weigh between 220 and 240 grams—a weight range that facilitates breathability without compromising your style.


Natural or non-padded suits

Suits with extra shoulder and chest padding create a sharper silhouette, but often result in a less breathable ensemble. Naturally padded suits, or even suits without any padding at all, are better options in the summertime and can still maintain a pleasing silhouette. Raja Fashions offers expertly tailored pieces that hold their shape without weighing you down with unnecessary fabric.

Photo: Raja Fashions

Separate suit pieces

If you are lucky enough that your workplace allows smart casual dress, but you’re still looking to dress professionally, then you might want to consider styling suit pieces separately. Why not style a suit jacket with a pair of jeans, or a polo with formal pants? These uncommon pairings are ideal for ventilation and breathability, and they keep things classy. Not all tailors offer services for individual suit pieces, but it is important to Raja Fashions that you get to style your bespoke combos, which is why custom jeans, t-shirts, and polo shirts are customisable items from the tailor.

Photo: Raja Fashions

Weather-appropriate materials

Fabric plays a crucial role in facilitating comfort in clothes. Natural fabrics are sometimes misconceived as winter fabrics, but they can be very appropriate for summer too. If you prefer the premium look and feel of natural materials, Raja Fashions recommend using a blend of silk, linen, and wool for your tailored jacket paired with cotton or wool trousers. Linen is light and works well with Hong Kong’s humidity, silk is cooling to touch, while wool can be breathable depending on how it is woven. Raja Fashions can design your suit with one or a combination of these fabrics.

Alternatively, plant-based materials are also suitable for a summer suit. Fabrics like plant-based linen and cotton fabrics are light, flexible, and breathable, making them more suitable for hot and humid summer days.

Why choose Raja Fashions?

Photo: Raja Fashions

Founded on tradition

Leveraging generations of tailoring expertise, Raja Fashions stands as a living testament to time-honoured techniques. Building on the tradition that gave rise to the original atelier, Raja Fashions introduces contemporary flair to its creations while honouring the legacy of its craft. Stylish and classic, clients find the clothing at Raja Fashions stand the test of time and trends.

Photo: Raja Fashions

High-quality creations

At Raja Fashions, the fabrics available for tailored pieces exemplify luxury and style. From the soft and nappy texture of premium wools to the delicate and lustrous feel of silks, Raja Fashions offers an array of materials that contribute to the unique story of your bespoke garment. As a reliable partner for your wardrobe, Raja Fashions ensures your order is expertly crafted and fits your style.

Photo: Raja Fashions

Top-notch services

Committed to client satisfaction first and foremost, trust is woven into the fabric of Raja Fashions’ services. The team knows that time is a precious resource, especially for Hong Kong professionals. That’s why Raja offers quick turnaround time for your orders, from the initial consultation to the final fitting, taking you on a seamless, personalised journey without unnecessary delays.

A perfect, weather-appropriate garment is within arm’s reach. Prepare ahead for the oncoming summer season and book your consultation with Raja Fashions here.

Raja Fashions

Nestled in the heart of the Tsim Sha Tsui district, Raja Fashions is more than a tailor. It is a custodian of bespoke elegance with a rich heritage. Established with a commitment to tailoring traditions, the atelier seamlessly blends the artistry of the past with the dynamism of modern fashion. Raja Fashions weaves narratives of trust, personalised experiences, and sartorial excellence.

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