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How your child can flourish at ICHK Kindergarten and Primary School

By Localiiz Branded | 22 February 2023

Header image courtesy of ICHK Kindergarten and Primary

When it comes to choosing the perfect school for your little ones, the choices in Hong Kong can be overwhelming. What should you look for in a school when you are browsing through the never-ending list of educational institutions in the city? We spoke with the experts at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen to find out what it means for children to flourish and how schools can help their students to do exactly that.

As an international kindergarten and primary school located in the New Territories, ICHK Hong Lok Yuen offers education for students aged two-and-a-half to 11. ICHK Hong Lok Yuen is committed to creating a happy and healthy learning community for kids to flourish, and it does so by following five key elements that are crucial to achieving a balanced education between well-being and achievement. Known under the mnemonic PERMA, the educational pros at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen take us through the essence of these elements.

Photo: ICHK Hong Lok Yuen

Positive emotions

The joy of learning is something that ICHK Hong Lok Yuen works hard to cultivate in its teachings. True happiness comes from fostering a host of positive emotions in students, which allow them to engage with their tasks and press on even when things are challenging and complicated. Resilience is key to success not only in academia but also in life, which is why teachers at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen help children on their problem-solving journey.

Photo: ICHK Hong Lok Yuen


Living sustainably is more pertinent than ever in the twenty-first century, but ICHK Hong Lok Yuen knows you cannot embed sustainable living into students’ lives without first fostering their love for and knowledge of the natural world. Situated in a part of the New Territories populated with significant nature and wildlife, ICHK Hong Lok Yuen uses this reserve to its advantage to create a leading outdoor learning programme.

Students can roam freely in the woods area and learn practical outdoor skills that bring them closer to nature. The on-site Miyawaki Forest and Organic Farm also offers students a space to learn how to nurture and care for plants. Many outdoor areas, dotted around the school grounds, allow children to play, dig, and grow plants. This direct engagement with nature plays a great part in nurturing students’ ongoing interest in learning.

Photo: ICHK Hong Lok Yuen


ICHK Hong Lok Yuen nurtures an academic community that ensures every member feels valued and wanted. With just under 400 students in total, the school is small enough that its community knows each other on a first-name basis and value each other for the unique qualities that they bring. Students’ time at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen doesn’t end when they graduate, as all final-year students take part in a legacy project where they reflect on their time at the school and leave behind messages and encouragement for their younger peers and new students yet to join this special community.

Photo: ICHK Hong Lok Yuen


It is important for students to find connection to the knowledge they receive at school. At ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, teachers ensure that all students are active participants in their own learning process, allowing them to acquire this knowledge in contexts that are meaningful to each student. This contextualisation of learning ensures students learn in a way that is motivating to them above and beyond the bounds of academia.

Photo: ICHK Hong Lok Yuen


At ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, students not only achieve high levels of academic merit, but they also flourish as true global citizens. Students will learn about global, regional, and local issues in order to foster their understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of different countries, cultures, and populations.

While developing their ability to communicate within and across cultures, students will also obtain a positive sense of self, knowledge of their own cultural background, and how to behave as a global citizen. Solidarity and respect for differences and diversity is crucial to ICHK Hong Lok Yuen’s community and students will be able to utilise the knowledge and skills they gain from the school’s holistic education to become responsible global citizens that strive for a peaceful and sustainable future.

Photo: ICHK Hong Lok Yuen

Now that you know how your child can flourish at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, check out the school’s website for more information about its kindergarten and primary school curriculum and ways to enrol your little ones at the academy for a brighter future.

ICHK Hong Lok Yuen is currently accepting applications for the academic year 2023/2024, but limited spaces for the current school year is also available if you think that a change of school environment will benefit your child.

For enquiries or if you would like to see the school in person, contact Shirley Lam at [email protected]. If you want to apply directly, submit an online application here.

ICHK Hong Lok Yuen

ICHK Hong Lok Yuen is a warm, friendly, yet challenging and stimulating community of around 400 students. Its unique locations offers unrivalled opportunities for outdoor experiences. Collaboration, personalised learning, and a commitment to the individual ensure that at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen everyone can grow, flourish, and thrive.

3 Twentieth Street, Hong Lok Yuen, Tai Po

(+852) 3955 3000