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5 reasons why you should enrol in CityU’s MBA programme

By Localiiz Branded | 8 March 2023

Header image courtesy of City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

Whether you are a young professional looking to equip yourself with a master’s degree or a manager wanting to return to school to take your career one step further to success, an MBA programme is always a good choice for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs. Here’s why you should consider enrolling in City University of Hong Kong (CityU)’s MBA programme!

Experiential learning

The MBA programme at CityU prides itself on imparting experiential learning and knowledge through cutting-edge methods, one of many aspects that make this programme stand out amongst others offered in the city in terms of the skills you learn, the connections you make, and your overall learning experience.

Photo: MBA Programme, City University of Hong Kong (CityU MBA)

“We break boundaries”

As the defining motto for the CityU MBA course, this reveals the curriculum as designed to equip students with practical front-line knowledge and a global perspective. The CityU MBA programme breaks boundaries with a wide variety of experiential learning courses.

Given the complex nature of the global business environment and the needs of business practices today, experiential learning allows students to gain practical knowledge applicable to real-world situations.

Students revealed CSR’s true essence by visiting a rural school during the Residential Trip. (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Real-life and real-time decision making

One of the many ways the CityU MBA programme incorporates experiential learning is by exposing students to real-life and real-time decision-making that considers a relevant level of uncertainty present in real situations. This aspect of the programme cultivates students’ cross-functional and cross-regional problem-solving skills, which is becoming more and more of an asset to thriving in a global business environment.

Photo: CityU MBA partnered with Imperial College to work on a branding project with Bentley. (Crewe, UK)

International collaborative initiatives

To incorporate true-to-life international experiential learning, the CityU MBA programme has established a number of collaborative initiatives with leading international institutions. This includes a global brand management workshop with Imperial College London, a workshop focusing on fostering entrepreneurship with the University of California, Berkeley, as well as diagnostic residential trips to CityU’s partner companies around Asia, such as South Korea, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Photo: Students participated in the entrepreneurship workshop at UC Berkeley. (Berkeley, USA)

SHARP Forum: Spread and Stretch

An acronym for world-class software, state-of-the-art hardware, well-connected alumni, global talent recruitment, and career-advancing placement, this is a forum established by the CityU MBA programme for their students to spread innovative insights and stretch knowledge boundaries, where they meet and network with influential business leaders. Students are responsible for setting up an industry-focused discussion panel, from reaching out to speakers to promoting and hosting the event.

Since its launch in 2016, over 150 notable speakers and 6,000 business professionals have participated in the SHARP Forum. These in-depth interactions with industry leaders offer CityU’s MBA students unique opportunities to develop their careers with the new and crucial connections they have made.

Photo: Student-led SHARP Forums expand business networks. (CityU, Hong Kong)

Retain talents in your company

Not only is CityU’s MBA programme something to consider for individuals, but it is also a great career advancement option to offer your employees. Many corporations are facing an issue in talent retention over the past few years, and one of the most effective ways to encourage staff to stay is to invest in their growth. Pursuing an MBA to earn new skills allows your employee to grow as well as keeping your company on a steady path of profit.

Photo: Industry on-site workshops immerse students in different workplace cultures in Hong Kong and Asian cities. (Taiwan, Singapore, and Tokyo)

To apply

In supporting your learning journey at CityU MBA, scholarships are available for eligible applicants by nomination, which separate application is not required. In particular, promising individuals referred by a corporation will receive an MBA scholarship to support their learning and career dreams.

Interested in applying to the MBA programme? Simply fill out your application for the academic year 2023–2024 here, before the application deadline on 31 March!

If you’re interested in learning more about the CityU MBA programme, visit the website here or attend the online information session on 27 March!


Aspiring to be a leading global programme, CityU MBA has been undertaking a progressive path since the last few years. Beyond its nominal meaning, its slogan, “We are SHARP,” implicates its strategic commitment: CityU is committed to fostering a business education environment with world-class software, state-of-the-art hardware, and well-connected alumni so as to boost global talent recruitment and power them to achieve a career-advancing placement. To drive you towards success, CityU MBA Career Centre is dedicated to helping you identify career goals, make job-seeking plans, and develop interview skills through a series of workshops and counselling services. Its career advisors are well-respected business leaders and successful practitioners who work closely with you to prepare for employer expectations within different professions and industries.

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