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How to become fluent in French in three months

By Localiiz Branded | 28 March 2023

Header images courtesy of Christina Morillo and Tirachard Kumtanom (via Pexels)

Learning a language is one of the best ways to equip yourself with a skill that will help you move forward in life. While being fluent in a foreign language certainly makes things easier when you are trying to order food or look for the bathroom on holiday, it also gives you an additional asset over other candidates when you are applying for certain jobs.

French is one of the top 10 most useful languages to know in the world, with over 20 countries speaking it as a primary language, which makes becoming fluent in French one of the best assets you can have. But how can you become fluent in French in Hong Kong? Where’s the best place to learn French? We spoke with Alliance Française Hong Kong about how to accomplish this goal in three months, and their best tips and advice.

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Learn at an intensive, immersive pace

Regular group classes offer a classroom environment for students to learn, practise, and familiarise themselves with French, but fast-track classes offering an immersive experience are better for those who require a qualification in a short amount of time. Alliance Française Hong Kong's summer intensive course includes 30-hour, 60-hour, and 90-hour options for adult students as well as half day camps and workshops for teenagers and children

Online courses are available for the busy student who still wants to further their career with a language qualification. If your needs diverge from Alliance Française Hong Kong’s curriculum, you can always opt for private tutoring with a bespoke course structure.

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Put your knowledge to test

Learning a language is much more than memorising grammar rules and tenses. Especially with a language like French, where there are many rules and exceptions to remember, there’s no better way to ingrain this information in your head by speaking it out loud to your peers. Language workshops are great options for you to strengthen your French with speaking exercises focused on special skills and topics, so you can be prepared for any situation that may arise while putting your new language skills to test in real life.

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Practice makes perfect

After learning all the rules and tenses for French, it’s important to keep practising. It can mean more than just conversing in French with your peers and fellow students. For example, try changing the default language on your phone to French—practise reading the language every time you’re scrolling through it. Grab a book in French—after all, it is a culture with hundreds of years of literary history to date. Browse through Netflix Hong Kong’s extensive foreign movies and series collection; there are more than enough French titles there to keep you entertained while practising your listening and reading skills with subtitles turned on!

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Offers from Alliance Française Hong Kong

Now that you know the most important things to get you started on your French learning journey, you’ll be happy to know that Alliance Française Hong Kong has a wide range of language-learning courses on offer for students at every level, from French beginner workshops for B1 level or above to French for business and fashion!

For a limited time until 31 May, applicants to AFHK’s summer intensive courses can enjoy five percent off on course fees! If you want to learn French with a friend, now is the time to get them on board, because AFHK is offering an additional 10 percent off referral programme for existing students and their friends. For more details about Alliance Française, its courses, and various offers, head over to its website.

Alliance Française Hong Kong

Alliance Française Hong Kong is the official and largest language institution for French in Hong Kong and in Asia with over 6,000 students annually and 12,000 registrations a year for all ages of students. With a team of 60 qualified native French-speaking teachers, AFHK offers a large range of courses, including specialised courses, private tuition, workshops, immersion days, outings to museums or French dining experiences, and more. It is the only accredited and official examination centre to conduct all the diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education, such as DELF and DALF, TCF, and TCF Canada. Enjoying the patronage and support of the French Consulate General in Hong Kong, AFHK is the only French cultural centre in Hong Kong. AFHK organises major cultural events each year, such as the French Film Festival in November, and takes part in numerous programmes of Le French May (an initiative co-created by AFHK in 1993), Make Music Hong Kong, and Francophonie.

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