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12 best teppanyaki restaurants in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 23 March 2020 | Last Updated 21 July 2022

Header image courtesy of Crown Super Deluxe (via Facebook)

Originally published by Ching Yuen. Last updated by Jen Paolini and Beverly Ngai.

If we had to pick the most theatrical or dramatic style of cooking, then teppanyaki (鉄板焼き) would be our top choice. “Teppan” stands for “iron plate” and “yaki”  means “grilled,” so it stands to reason that the chef uses a heated iron plate to grill dishes in front of customers. The whole experience is a performance. These chefs use specialised tools that include two metal scrapers to flip ingredients and cut with the highest level of precision. 

Some teppanyaki chefs also come up with the craziest tricks that may include juggling their tools, tossing ingredients in the air, or even building up a fire on top of the iron plate! Check out our top picks for the best teppanyaki restaurants in Hong Kong.

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Photo: God of Teppanyaki (via Facebook)

God of Teppanyaki

With three venues in Hong Kong, God of Teppanyaki finds itself a firm favourite amongst diners looking for an authentic slice of Japan through an elevated teppanyaki experience. Gather around one of the marbled tables and see yourself entertained as skilled chefs wield their scrapers with dramatic flair and prepare exquisite teppanyaki dishes in front of you.

Its two-person set (starting from $2,680) takes you on a 10-course gastronomic journey of appetisers, sashimi, seafood, A5 Wagyu beef, fried rice, soup, dessert, and more. It also offers seafood- and beef-centred lunch teppanyaki sets starting from $340.

God of Teppanyaki, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: @tsuguhk (via Instagram)

Tsugu Teppanyaki & Sushi

A visit to Tsugu is an unforgettable affair. Communal dining tables, elegant wooden décor, and low lighting set the stage for a lively, chef-led showcase, which then translates into a delicious party of superb, umami flavours in your mouth. The restaurant offers a variety of lunch (starting from $308) and dinner teppanyaki sets (starting from $760) for one to three people, with an option to add on sashimi for a well-rounded tour of Japanese cuisine.

Tsugu Teppanyaki & Sushi, Shop 311, 3/F, D2 Place Two, 15 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok

Photo: Kozy Okonomi-yaki Teppan-yaki (via Facebook)


Fancy a teppanyaki meal but not the sky-high prices? Settle in at Kozy Okonomi-yaki Teppan-yaki for a feast of sizzling Japanese delights that will leave both you and your wallet happy. This 20-seater in Causeway Bay is homely and cosy in its atmosphere but sublime in its food offerings, with a full à la carte menu of teppanyaki classics and cold dishes alongside an extensive selection of highballs and shochu.

The ox tongue ($58), cheese omelette ($48), and spring onion okonomiyaki ($78) are mandatory orders, but meat lovers should not sleep on the A4 fillet steak ($290) either. To get a front-row view of the grilling actions, dibs a bar counter seat around the open kitchen and have your dishes handed straight to you by the chef.

Kozy, 9/F, Circle Plaza, 499 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2591 1281

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Photo: @toratetsuteppanyaki (via Instagram)

Tora Tetsu Teppan Yaki

This vibey Causeway Bay hideout elevates teppanyaki to an art form, where impeccable presentation complements rich modern flavours and uber-fresh ingredients. From Japanese Kumamoto A5 Wagyu beef and French foie gras to Antarctic toothfish and South African abalone, Tora Tetsu Teppan Yaki air-ships many of its ingredients from the finest sources around the world to ensure superior quality.

The 10-course chef’s special dinner set ($1080) will treat you to some of the restaurant’s most-raved specialities, including the smoked scallop, abalone with crabmeat and seaweed sauce, soft-boiled egg with truffle and sea urchin, and crab meat fried rice, along with a seasonally flavoured sherbet to bring a refreshing end to the meal.

Tora Tetsu Teppan Yaki, 12/F, Macau Yat Yuen Centre, 525 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay


IM Teppanyaki & Wine

The first teppanyaki-only restaurant to attain a Michelin star in Hong Kong, IM Teppanyaki & Wine is a small but cosy venue in the neighbourhood of Tai Hang. There are two rooms seating eight or 12 persons around the grills. We would usually go for the lunch set menus (starting from $320) or dinner set menus (starting from $1,600). The teppan chefs elevate common teppanyaki dishes by making special sauces on the iron plate, as opposed to the regular use of plain salt and pepper. The plating of the dishes is also incredibly detailed and aesthetically pleasing, such as the sliced abalone served in its own shell and drizzled with seaweed sauce.

IM Teppanyaki & Wine, 134 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang | (+852) 2570 7088



From kaiseki (懐石; traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) to teppanyaki menus, Shikigiku is bound to have something you like. The serene atmosphere takes on a golden glitz with its brown and amber interiors, contemporary and Edo-style Japanese artwork, and floor-to-ceiling views of Victoria Harbour. Its seasonal teppanyaki set ($1,080) includes all the classic teppanyaki favourites such as king prawns, US premium rib-eye, and Shikigiku’s signature fried rice with codfish roe. Remember to come on an empty stomach!

Shikigiku, 4/F, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central | (+852) 2805 0600

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Sanka Teppanyaki

Run by a Japanese chef who worked in France for over 10 years, Sanka Teppanyaki is a place where traditional Japanese teppanyaki blends together with classical French techniques to create a true East-meets-West fusion. Velvet chairs are lined up against the grill with traditional Japanese cloud patterns printed on them, and there’s a prevalent use of copper and rose gold in the rest of the décor, cutlery, and even the teppanyaki tools. Dinner set courses (starting from $1,580) include delicate, well-crafted dishes, such as the ise ebi with caviar, surf clams, Japanese eel, and various Japanese delicacies.

Sanka Teppanyaki, 1/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central | (+852) 3460 2285

Photo: Ta-ke (via Facebook)


Occupying a big space in Lee Garden, Ta-ke is a Japanese restaurant with different counters for sushi, tempura, and teppanyaki to choose from. Ta-ke uses the Chinese character for “bamboo,” so the restaurant space takes inspiration from Edo-era Japan, and incorporates a lot of bamboo walls and light-coloured wood for a minimalistic approach. The teppanyaki omakase menu (starting from $888) includes the best seafood of the day, but you can also add in à la carte specials, such as the grilled Spanish red prawn with angel hair ($390), served with a seared prawn head so you can enjoy the full extent of umami flavours.

Ta-ke, Shop G01, G/F, Lee Garden 2, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2577 0611



With over 28 years of experience in the teppanyaki field, Takashi is one of Yuen Long’s best-kept secrets. Its mission is to make teppanyaki more than just a meal, creating a thorough sensory experience. From the moment you approach the restaurant building on the outskirts of Yuen Long, you are already part of the journey! Its teppanyaki courses range from the chef’s special for one ($660) to the deluxe lobster course for two ($1,980), using the best seafood ingredients and bringing out the most of the original flavours.

Takashi, G/F, 108 Ko Po Village, Kam Tin, Yuen Long | (+852) 2882 8962

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Kyoku, tucked away in a corner of Causeway Bay, is a high-end teppanyaki restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin Plate. It is housed in a big space, where 3,000 square feet is home to a sushi counter, a teppanyaki corner, and three private rooms. With dark wooden counters and muted blue marble tones, you can tell that it is a trendy and stylish spot.

There are three teppanyaki courses to choose from here: the Momji course ($1,000), Sakura course ($1,400), and Ennju course ($1,700). Meticulously prepared ingredients, such as fresh scallops and surf clams, are flown in daily from Japan to guarantee freshness and quality.

Kyoku, Shop 2, G/F, 38 Haven Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2156 9888

Photo: Crown Super Deluxe (via Facebook)

Crown Super Deluxe

More than just your average teppanyaki spot, Crown Super Deluxe is an opulent establishment in the heart of Central that hopes to revive the refinement and luxuries of a Kobe teppanyaki and marry it with the larger-than-life showmanship of legendary restauranteur Rocky Aoki. Led by veteran chefs Toru Takano and Ami Hamasaki, the focal piece of Crown Super Deluxe is its trio of teppans that make up the main dining lounge.

Set into custom interiors created by Sean Dix, get ready to experience a throwback to 1960s Japan with golden onyx counters, mustard velvet mid-century-inspired armchairs, plush purple carpet, and brushed gold chandeliers. You’ll get all the teppanyaki classics here, from à la carte options to prix-fixe menus, and dishes to look forward to include Tokushima fruit tomato with Japanese sea salt, and teppan spiny lobster in coral butter, followed by A5 Kagoshima Wagyu beef with signature sauces, and lobster miso soup.

Crown Super Deluxe, M/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central


Hana Sakazuki Japanese Restaurant

Hana Sakazuki opened its doors in December 2004, operating from a business tower in the heart of the most luxurious and prestigious shopping area of Causeway Bay. It offers three areas for teppanyaki: around a semi-circle grill that can accommodate up to 14 people in different parties; two standard VIP rooms with five to seven seats; and two large VIP rooms for parties of 10 to 14 people. It also has a wide range of menus available for lunch and dinner that will easily fit any budget. The chefs are fun to talk to—get on their good side and ask them to demonstrate a trick or two with their teppan scrapers!

Hana Sakazuki Japanese Restaurant, 2/F, China Tai Ping Tower, Phase II, 8 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2577 9799

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