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7 cheap & affordable sushi restaurants in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 14 October 2019 | Last Updated 9 October 2020

Header image courtesy of Asunal Kanayama

Originally published by Gigi Wong. Last updated by Ngai Yeung.

Want quality sushi without making your wallet weep? Hong Kong boasts a considerable amount of high-end Japanese eateries with divine menus of sushi and exotic fish, but there are just as many sushi joints offering fine and fresh seafood at tempting prices, from sashimi (刺身; a Japanese dish of fresh raw fish) and tempura (天ぷら; a deep-fried Japanese dish) to nigiri (握り寿司; “hand-pressed sushi”) and gunkanmaki (軍艦巻; “warship roll”). Here are the best spots to find cheap and affordable sushi in Hong Kong.

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Newly launched in Hong Kong this year, Sushiro is a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain boasting over 530 branches in Japan and overseas. Located in Wan Chai, it serves up over 100 types of sushi, hot dish, fried food, and dessert at around $12. Some innovative standouts include the salmon nigiri with camembert ($17), fried shrimp avocado roll ($12), and the made-to-order fried shrimp tempura platter ($27). Do remember to book via Sushiro app beforehand because the diner is always packed with walk-in patrons who all need to wait approximately two hours for a seat.

Sushiro, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: WOMENT 心動時刻

Sushi Express

With branches dotted all over Hong Kong, Sushi Express offers good and fresh sushi at low prices. Despite a limited range of choices, you can get the majority of dishes at $18, including the flower love sushi ($18), salmon nigiri ($18), and gloss shrimp nigiri ($18). Its sister brand Sushi Takeout is also ideal for on-the-go diners who’d like to pick up some tasty sushi.

Sushi Express, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: U Lifestyle

Magic Touch

In this Taiwanese import, all the dishes are delivered via a mini replica of the Shinkansen bullet train. For an additional futuristic touch, patrons order their foods on an iPad as well. Serving a diverse array of quality and cheap sushi, sashimi, fried foods, desserts, and donburi, it takes merely 30 seconds for all of these delicacies to be sent from the kitchen and straight to your table. Some must-order dishes include fried ecdysis ($39), three-colour flower love sushi ($30), and salt-baked tebanaka ($30). The afternoon set is also a real bargain, and it’s consistently updated from time to time.

Magic Touch, locations across New Territories

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Photo credit: Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi

No cheap sushi list would be complete with a Genki mention. A well-known brand of conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Hong Kong, Genki Sushi pops up almost everywhere in town. The choices offered on their menu are abundant and, most importantly, sold at an affordable price point. What you see is what you get at Genki: cheap and cheerful. Aside from the classics like flying fish roe gunkan ($16) and salmon hand roll ($16), Genki also sells a range of original sushi creations, such as snow crab rolls with avocado & cucumber slices ($22) and spicy salmon gunkan ($16).

Genki Sushi, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: Sushi Tachi

Sushi Tachi

Sushi Tachi is a standing-room-only sushi diner that’s always jam-packed with people queuing outside it. Allowing only ten patrons to dine simultaneously in the store, it may not be apt for those looking for a comfy sushi restaurant to unwind and hang out with your loved ones. Nevertheless, Sushi Tachi offers delectable, fresh gunkan and sushi sets at a reasonable price. Its menu ranges from seared flounder gunkan ($20 apiece), ark shell gunkan ($30), exclusive salmon sushi platter ($52) to the ultimate urchin donburi ($98).

Sushi Tachi, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: Sashasun (via OpenRice)

Sakara Ichi Sushi

A Yuen Long staple, Sakara Ichi Sushi has built a loyal following throughout the years due to their all-rounded selection and solid prices. Most notable is their jaw-droppingly low priced seared sushi menu: Whether it’s seared salmon ($7 apiece), flounder ($10), scallop ($12) or more, you’d be perplexed to figure out how you’re getting such fine quality sashimi for so cheap. Pair your sushi feast with one of their countless sides, such as the fluffy soft-shell crab ($42) or the juicy grilled oysters with cheese ($45 for two).

Sakara Ichi Sushi, Shop 7, G/F, Siu Fung Building, 68 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long | (+852) 2485 2121

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Photo credit: dororex (via OpenRice)


Tucked away in a nondescript building in Kwun Tong is Kokon2, which specialises in innovative yet affordable sushi rolls. Their signature roll is the Fuji Mountain ($88), where eel and avocado sushi rolls are topped with a generous heap of seared imitation crab meat and chips. Other must-try items include the cream cheese, beef, and strawberry Fire Red Lips ($98), as well as the cheekily named Rock and Roll ($92) featuring tempura shrimp and eel. Adventurous eaters would love their Sushi Pizza ($88), a poster child of fusion food.

Kokon2, 1/F, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Phase 4, 436–446 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong | (+852) 3188 8015

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