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Video: Your Mouthwatering Guide to Hong Kong Food

Nobody loves food more than our snack-obsessed city, but choosing where to nibble can be overwhelming with so many options scattered around town. Luckily, travel vlogger Anita Lee is here to whittle down the options for us with her delicious Hong Kong Food Guide. Bon appétit!


Born in Hong Kong, but currently living in Japan, Anita frequently visits the city to spend time with her relatives and tuck into some of her favourite local eats.

In her Hong Kong Food Guide video, she hops around the 852 to show us some of her favourite local dishes and where to find them. Rice noodle rolls, congee, curry fish balls, ‘stinky tofu’, and egg waffles are just some of the delights featured in the clip, which is sure to get your mouth watering.

“I’ve always enjoyed making videos and in 2016, I decided to start making informative travel videos to share my experiences and travel tips”, she tells Localiiz. “I hope this clip inspires people to explore Hong Kong and try some of the incredible dishes the city has to offer”.

Well, we’re still not convinced by the stinky tofu, but we could definitely go for some egg waffles right now!

Watch more of Anita’s videos on her YouTube channel, and Instagram.

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