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VIDEO: The Adorable Side of the Sevens

Rugby can be a brutal, gruelling sport – especially if you are actually on the pitch. But there’s no getting around the fact that Mini Rugby is adorable. These budding athletes, boys and girls starting at age 4, are hitting the pitch and demonstrating the true spirit of the sport. Just check out the latest post from the official Instagram account of the Hong Kong Sevens.

Mini Rugby in process. PHOTO: @hksevens (Instagram)

These kids also show terrific form as shown with this scoring try captured by Instagrammer @lindalofong.





However no picture could capture the emotion of the pre-game rituals quite like this video. Such intensity!

@hksevens at Hong Kong Stadium
“Battling off before mini rugby. #minirugby | #HK7s | #40years | #WhereTheWorldComesToPlay”

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