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10 Delicious and Healthy Guilt Free Snacks You Need To Try

Taking care of your body and watching what you eat isn’t always easy – especially when you catch a whiff of a cheeky treat. But thankfully, Hong Kong is home to a growing range of guilt-free snacks which means you no longer have to feel naughty giving in to a moment of indulgence. From cupcakes to brownies, and ice pops to chocolate bars, eating clean has never tasted so good with these delicious cheats.

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1. Oomph!

You know the drill with health and protein bars as a general rule – either they taste a bit rubbish or they’re not actually that healthy – but Oomph! bar is a total game-changer. Not only is it genuinely delicious (we’ve polished off several boxes in the office), the ingredients are painstakingly sourced, all-natural, and ridiculously good for you. To give you an idea of what we’re taking about, these California-inspired beauties, which come in Plant Protein and Extra Fibre varieties, have six or more superfood ingredients, no trans fats, no preservatives, and no additives to name a few of the benefits. And like we said, the most shocking thing of all is, they actually taste pretty darn good!

Oomph!, (+852) 9685 5089 / email inquiry@oomphbars.com
$250 to $330 per box of 11 bars

2. Smoothie Bowls from Bear’s Lab

Kick off your morning with part of your five-a-day at newly-opened heath hub, Bear’s Lab. Their delicious freshly-made smoothie bowls are packed with vitamins and the zestiest natural ingredients available. There are three to choose from, on which the Detox Bowl – filled to the brim with acai, avocado, banana, spinach, agave syrup, and sprinkled with chia seeds – is to die for. With no added sugar or preservatives, you can rest assured that you are only eating the good stuff. They also serve four types of smoothie drinks and six types of vegan lattés which are equally delicious in flavour. We love the Acai Classic, an antioxidant-filled smoothie made from a blend of acai berries, coconut water, pears, and blueberries. Drooling yet? We are.

Bear’s Lab, Shop F, G/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, (+852) 2702 0802
Menu items range from $38 to $78

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Bad Food Gone Good

3. Banana Cake from Bad Food Gone Good

Hands down one of the best banana cakes we’ve ever tried (and we’ve had our fair share), this paleo-friendly treasure from the team at Bad Food Gone Good has really hit the nail on the head. Not only is the Original Banana Cake (pictured top left) an absolute dream to eat, bursting with fruity flavours and veering well clear of any dryness, but we love the floral appearance of the banana slices on top of the loaf. Fancy throwing some berries into the mix? The Blueberry Banana Cake (top right) wins second place in our book.

Bad Food Gone Good
, (+852) 9223 9125 / email order@badfoodgonegood.com
$300 per loaf

4. Vegan Donuts from Rebel Girl Vegan

You didn’t think we were going to complete this list without throwing in some vegan donuts, did you? If there’s any company that can pull off these guilt-free loops of joy, it’s got to be Rebel Girls Vegan. These colourful, delicious, and drool-inducing donuts are completely dairy and egg-free, and can be made gluten-free, sugar-free, and nut-free, on request. The rebels also offer a whole selection of vegan cupcakes, brownies, muffin, and cakes too – perfect for every occasion.

Rebel Girls Vegan, retail locations vary
$38 per donut

5. Passionate Me Chocolate from Raiz The Bar

It’s a wonderful day when you discover a guilt-free chocolate bar. It’s an even better day when said chocolate bar hurtles straight to the top of your chocolate bar rankings. Free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, agave, GMO, and cholesterol, the dark and rich flavour of Raiz the Bar‘s Passionate Me chocolate bar surpasses our expectations by miles. Throw some anti-oxidant rich acai berries, fragrant rose, and sharp hits of raspberry into the mix, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a health-conscious treat. Due to its huge popularity, this award-winning bar is currently sold out and the company is currently waiting on production to start up again, so keep an eye on the Facebook page for future updates!

Raiz The Bar, (+852) 2559 9556
$68 per 52g bar

6. Coconut Supaball from Supafood

We’ve hit the jackpot with this bite-sized, guilt-free, organic Coconut Supaball from funky Sheung Wan eatery, Supafood. Combining oat flakes, peanut butter, coconut chips, golden flax seed, raw cacao nibs, and honey chia seeds to sooth your aching sweet tooth, this tasty treat also gives you a burst of energy without going overboard on sugar. They also offer an organic Carrot Cake Supaball which contains cinnamon and ginger for that extra kick. If you’re feeling parched, The Berry Happy Smoothie is a winner.

Supafood, 1 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, (+852) 2812 6088
$28 per Coconut Supaball, $18 per Carrot Cake Supaball, 
$68 for smoothies

7. Sunflower Cupcakes from The Cakery

Whipping up guilt-free cupcakes and simultaneously answering our prayers, The Landmark’s boutique bakery, The Cakery, offers a ‘Guilt Free Series’ which is just too good not to try. The quaint, summer-inspired, reduced-fat Sunflower cupcake caught our eye straight away. Packing a double pumpkin punch with the flavoursome sponge and pumpkin puree buttercream frosting, this photogenic treat is definitely one to gobble. It’s also low in calories and contains Vitamin A which is a bonus!

The Cakery, Shop 303, The Landmark, Central, (+852) 6683 3833
Shop 124, Lee Garden Two, Causeway Bay, (+852) 2816 1838
$20 (bite-size) / $40 (regular)

8. Lola’s Ice Pops

Jam-packed with fresh fruits and refreshing flavours, the handcrafted Lola’s Ice Pops are your perfect partner on a sunny day in Hong Kong. Sold everywhere from City Super to Lamma Island, these pretty frozen treats are a hit across the city – and no wonder with their refreshing, natural flavours. Not only that, but they contain no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or chemicals, so when you bite into one, you are only tasting real fruit. From Strawberry Lemonade to Orange Creamsicles, these healthy fruity combos are the ultimate treat for your taste buds.

Lola’s Ice Pops, retail locations vary
$35 per pop

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9. Smoothie Boat from Flamingo Bloom

If a smoothie bowl simply won’t do, then why not push the ‘boat’ out with this Instagrammable delight? The Virgin Pina Colada Pineapple Smoothie Boat at Flamingo Bloom is part of the tea salon’s superfood edition, and is quite literally a pineapple packed with fresh fruit and and a splash of almond milk, goji berries, raw rolled oats, black chia seeds, and mulberries. With no added sugar or preservatives, this gorgeous tropical snack is perfect for sharing with friends and will definitely keep you full until lunchtime or dinner.

Flamingo BloomG/F, Shop B, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, (+852) 5177 8255
Shop 1032, IFC mall, Central, (+852) 8300 8034
G/F, Mangan Building, 18-20 Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, (+852) 5178 7067
$59 (individual cup) / $89 (pineapple bowl for two people)

10. Snack Packs from Made Real

Feeling peckish, but can’t decide what to have? A handful of healthy nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and vegetables will do the trick! Made Real is the answer to all your healthy snacking needs, offering a diverse range of vegan, paleo, low GI, and gluten-free snack packs that include everything from trail mixes to dried fruits, and superfood clusters to yin yang beans. You can also join a subscription box package where every month, the team at Made Real will send through a specially curated box filled with six different snack packs, based on your health goals and taste preferences. Snacks delivered right to our door? Sign us up!

Made Real, order online
$28 per snack pack / $24.90 per box of six every month

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