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Rumple and Friends Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp 2018

Rumple and Friends 2018 summer camp edition promises to be the most fun ever!

“Magic and Circus” – Their signature course, students will learn how to perform magic and circus tricks and take home their own magic kit!

“Treasure Hunters” – Pirates and adventurers will travel the world, following maps and clues to find the treasure!

“Comic Book Crazy” – All things comic book! Create your own super hero, what are your special powers? Can you defeat your nemesis?!

“Around the world in 80 days” – Travel the world and discover strange and fantastical lands, battle pirates, swim in the deepest oceans, and head up to space in this fun packed week!

Join us this summer!


1 week: $2,500
Magic and Circus: $3,000 (inclusive of magic kit to take home)

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 Clown Town

Rumple and Friends is also super excited to share their video series “Clown Town!”

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