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The Story Behind by Little Rice

PHOTOS: Romance In The Rain

For Hong Kong based photographer and Instagram snapper Michelle Chan (aka Little Rice), there’s nothing more romantic than raindrops falling on our heads. She shares with us her latest collection of beautiful shots of Hong Kongers caught in the showers.

I love the rain. It’s romantic and fun, but I feel that these moments of rainy Hong Kong are often missed and overlooked because people usually deal with the rain first – staying under the umbrella as much as possible, hiding beneath buildings, or rushing to get indoors.

For me, moments of rain in Hong Kong can be mesmerising and sensual. Like the photo “Blurry Vision”, taken right after raining cats and dogs. Droplets of rain were just hanging on the silver handrail on the staircase, which may be wiped off any minute.

Persistance by Little Rice Persistance by Little Rice

“Persistence”, on the other hand, was taken when the black rain signal was hoisted. I ran out of my flat with my camera and umbrella when I saw that black cloud icon on the TV. I still remember on that night the rain was pouring non-stop and started to flood the floor. There weren’t many people on the street – a lot of them were rushing for shelter.

And then, I saw one lady, walking down the stairs, about to turn into the open street. She opened her umbrella, saw the flood, and immediately took off her shoes and kept on walking. Wow! I admired her persistence and so I captured that right away. I personally adore this photo because it’s not something you get to see everyday.

Along side with “Who am I?” and “The Story Behind”, these four photos were put together as the “Rain” series and displayed at the Affordable Art Fair 2015. “Persistence” will also be displayed and exhibited at Be Bold at ZO-ee, 2/F Hong Kong Arts Centre between June 3 – July 3, 2015.

See more of Little Rice’s work on her website, Instagram and facebook page.

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