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Best tufting workshops in Hong Kong

By Celia Lee 7 May 2024

Header image courtesy of @hygge.workshop (via Instagram)

If you’re a frequenter of local social media circles, you might have noticed a recent arts and crafts trend amongst younger Hongkongers. From cutesy rugs to fashionable tote bags, and adorable coasters to aesthetic wall hangings, tufting has been taking DIY enthusiasts by storm! Here’s our guide to tufting for those who would like to know more about the craft, and a list of tufting workshops in Hong Kong for you to check out.

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Photo: Keisha (via Unsplash)

What is tufting?

A rising trend in the arts and crafts world, tufting is a type of textile manufacturing in which textile is made by feeding yarn into a backing fabric, a.k.a. the canvas for your creativity to flow freely! A variety of patterns can be made on the backing fabric with this technique, but the more detailed your pattern, the more difficult the execution!

One of the most common products made using the tufting technique is rugs. But the new trend in this crafts field has also put tufting to use in making a variety of household items, such as coasters, mirror frames, pillowcases, and more. A lot of pieces today are made with a tufting gun, but other methods are also available, such as using a punch needle.

Photo: Elio Santos (via Unsplash)

History of tufting

Tufting actually goes way back in both European and Chinese arts and crafts histories. The technique can be found mainly in the northern regions of China as a special kind of embroidery. Tufted crafts hold a three-dimensionality that puts emphasis on the patterns created. It is seen as one of the intangible cultural heritages of China and is believed to have been brought from the north to the south in the Yuan dynasty. As the technique spread to neighbouring countries and regions, many local elements have also been incorporated into this craft to create something specific to a locale.

In Europe, tufting was popularised many years ago by an American carpet manufacturer, but it is with the modern technology of the tufting gun that the technique caught on in recent years. The age-old usage of the punch needle in tufting is replaced by a man- or electricity-powered tufting gun to make the production process smoother and easier for the maker.

Photo: Paul Hanaoka (via Unsplash)

Materials for tufting

At the various tufting workshops we recommend below, you can expect to tuft with yarn. All workshops will offer students a tufting gun to craft with, as well as a piece of linen stretched onto a frame where you will create your masterpiece. You will tuft according to a drawn sketch on the backing fabric, or from a projected image of your own design.

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Where to find tufting workshops in Hong Kong

Photo: (via Instagram)

Lookout Studio

Lookout Studio is a quaint art studio located close to Kwai Fong MTR station that offers workshops in tufting and fluid art (also a trending craft amongst hip locals) to DIY enthusiasts. Instructors are on-site for each workshop to take students through the processes, so beginners are welcome. Lookout Studio encourages students to send in their patterns or an idea of their design when you are booking your session, so you can create your draft ahead of the workshop, leaving more time to tuft to your heart’s content!

Lookout Studio also allows students to create as many pieces as they can fit into the frame. Don’t worry about leaving time to back and trim your masterpiece—the staff members at Lookout Studio will complete the backing and finishing processes for you and send back your precious creations in five to seven working days.

How to sign up: Direct message on Instagram

Lookout Studio, Shop F, 16/F, On Fook Industrial Building, 41–45 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung

Photo: @tufting.123 (via Instagram)


Aiming to bring peace and calmness to all of their tufters, Tufting.123 is a studio with wellness in mind. Located in the busy industrial district of Kwun Tong, Tufting.123 has a wide range of workshops available for crafters looking to enjoy a fulfilling session of tufting.

The price for each workshop depends on the frame of your choosing, with sizes ranging from 50x50, 70x70, and 90x90. What this also means is that there’s no time limit to your tufting workshop! We all know genius cannot be rushed, so if your creativity takes time to manifest, this is the perfect workshop for you.

Tufting.123 also offers “cartoonification” services for students who want to tuft a likeness of a pet or a loved one. You can enjoy an exclusive discount when you present a valid student ID card when you arrive for your session. Plus, the bigger your group, and more discounts you can enjoy! At eight people or above, you can book out the studio for a private day of tufting—it’s the perfect hangout activity with friends!

How to sign up: Message via WhatsApp

Tufting.123, Fat Lee Industrial Building, 17 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong

Photo: @bde_tufting (via Instagram)

Best Day Ever (BDE) Tufting

Best Day Ever (BDE) Tufting is the best studio for minimalists who thrive in an aesthetically plain environment. The white studio has spacious crafting stations for each student to create their masterpieces. Students are encouraged to send in images or sketches for their designs so tutors can find the best colours to use on their pieces. You can also sample your design by utilising BDE Tufting’s adorable colour and backside material swatches!

BDE Tufting offers three packages: small, medium, and large. Students can create whatever comes to mind on their framed canvases, be it coasters, cushion covers, rugs, or more. Let your imagination run free and create without restrictions!

How to sign up: Message via WhatsApp

Best Day Ever (BDE) Tufting, 7/F, Lee Chung Industrial Building, 7 Tsat Po Street, San Po Kong

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Photo: @chilltuft (via Instagram)

Chill Tuft

The vibes at Chill Tuft certainly champion its name. Everything at this studio spells “chill,” even its décor! Once you’re booked in for a session of tufting, don’t be shy—snap a few photos at the studio’s designated bohemian lounging areas! You can also take a picture with your finished masterpiece after the session under Chill Tuft’s ethereal neon logo.

With over 90 colours on offer at Chill Tuft, you can be sure your design will be personalised and unique. Choose between 50x50, 70x70, and 90x90 frames to bring your ideas to life. You can also tuft a rug, coaster, mirror, portrait, or logo for an unlimited amount of time! So, lay back and relax as you dive into the haven of Chill Tuft’s studio.

How to sign up: Message via WhatsApp

Chill Tuft, Sing Win Factory Building, 15–17 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Photo: @meiwah.tufting (via Instagram)

Mei Wah Tufting

Mei Wah Tufting may be one of the lesser-known tufting studios out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting! Open only on weekends and public holidays, Mei Wah Tufting is the best place to be for family classes. Children aged eight years or above can join in on a fun and exciting tufting session with an accompanying adult. Don’t forget to send your designs and ideas to the workshop ahead of your session so tutors can give advice and make adjustments to make your tufting experience as smooth as possible.

If weekends and public holidays don’t fit your schedule, you can still head to Mei Wah Tufting for a private session! Groups of three to four can book a private session outside the studio’s opening hours, but no tutors will be present for these sessions. If you’re already a tufting expert, don’t be afraid to come with a few friends and tuft away!

How to sign up: Direct message on Instagram

Mei Wah Tufting, Mei Wah (Sunlight) Computer Embroidery Factory Limited, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Phase 4, Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

Photo: @urbanpeacehk (via Instagram)

Urban Peace

Introducing “weightless” tufting to the Hong Kong tufting scene, Urban Peace is the first tufting studio to offer “zero gravity” tufting to arts and crafts enthusiasts in the city. Tufting guns are attached to the ceiling of the studio to elevate some of the weight away from tufters’ shoulders as they work away on their yarn masterpieces.

Apart from innovative “weightless” tufting, Urban Peace also has a variety of attractions on offer at its studio. With a six-metre-tall yarn wall and a 270-degree ball pit, you can dive into a pool of fun before, after, or even during your tufting adventures! Choose between 25x25, 40x30, 50x50, 70x70, and 90x90 frames, and get started on your next masterpiece!

How to sign up: Message via WhatsApp

Urban Peace, Unit 13B, Mai Hong Industrial Building, 160 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong

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Photo: @hygge.workshop (via Instagram)

Hygge Workshop

Hygge’s spacious studio boasts a minimalist feel that helps you relax as you work away on your masterpiece. There is no time limit to Hygge’s tufting workshops, and guests can choose from four frame sizes for their design. You can make flat items such as rugs, coasters, and hanging decorations, while experienced tufters can try making decorated mirrors, bags, and body pillows. Hygge’s experienced staff will guide you on your session, making this a suitable workshop for beginners. Groups of two can enjoy a 10 percent off discount while groups of four can enjoy 15 percent off.

How to sign up: Direct message on Instagram

Hygge Workshop, Room 809C, 8/F, Block A, Hoi Luen Industrial Centre, Kwun Tong

Photo: @gettogether_workshop (via Instagram)

Get Together Workshop

Get Together Workshop offers a range of arts and crafts workshops, with tufting being the most popular. Whether you want to liven up your home with a decorated mirror or an eye-pleasing wall hanging, Get Together has got you covered. With over 100 different colours of yarn to choose from and no time limitations, you are free to refine your design to perfection! From designing and tufting to gluing and trimming excess yarn, experienced staff at Get Together will help you through each step. Currently, Get Together is offering 50 percent off all workshops for bookings of two and above. Don’t miss out on this discount and sign up now!

How to sign up: Message via WhatsApp

Get Together Workshop, Unit B2, 4/F, Wing Cheung Industrial Building, 109 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong

The Floor Is Cold Studio

Founded in 2022, The Floor Is Cold Studio specialises in tufting products and educational tufting workshops. The studio recommends preparing a design before your tufting session, and if you need help with making your chosen design tufting-appropriate, simply get in touch with the studio ahead of time! Its experienced staff are more than happy to recommend stylistic ways of tweaking your image to ensure the best outcome and experience as you create.

How to sign up: Online bookings

The Floor Is Cold Studio, Unit B, 24/F, Gold King Industrial Building, 35–41 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Hing

First published on 2 November 2022. Last updated on 7 May 2024.

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