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10 best yarn shops in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 13 June 2022 | Last Updated 22 March 2024

Header image courtesy of Margarida Afonso (via Unsplash)

Originally published by Gabriella Lynn. Last updated by Jen Paolini.

You might think that the hobby of knitting and crocheting is for grandmas, but during the past two years, knitwear and crochet garments have become all the rage as celebrities sported patchwork cardigans and designer brands carried flowy summer pieces. 

One of the key “yarn-fluencers” has got to be British diver Tom Daley, whose knitting took social media by storm. Seems like these so-called “domestic crafts” are not so domestic after all, even though they are perfect for rainy days when you are cooped up at home.

Maybe you’re an advanced “extreme knitter” who likes to experiment with different colours and designs to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces, an adventurous beginner who scours the internet and local shops for patterns and kits, or just an onlooker who wants to pick up a new hobby. Whoever you might be, we have put together a list of the best yarn shops in Hong Kong to suit all of your knitting and crocheting needs!

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Photo: Wool Workshop (via Facebook)

Wool Workshop

Besides stocking yarns, tools, accessories, and pattern books, this cosy shop in Tuen Mun offers sewing, knitting, and crochet classes, making Wool Workshop the perfect one-stop-shop for craft lovers. The space is divided into a sewing area, a fabric cutting area, and a knitting area furnished with white tables and bookshelves displaying pattern books, amigurumi animals (編みぐるみ; the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed yarn toys), and straw bags. Stepping into this store feels like coming home (there’s a no-outside-shoes policy), so sit back, grab a project to work on, and relax!

To book a class or make a purchase, message the shop on WhatsApp first. If you would like a crochet or sewing class to be taught in English, ask for Nicole.

Wool Workshop, Room C301, 15/F, Tak Wing Industrial Building, 3 Tsun Wen Road, Tuen Mun

Photo: KnitterKnutter (via Facebook)


KnitterKnutter is the comfy and whimsical workshop that every knitter and crocheter dreams about. Sitting in the middle of the room is a large wooden workstation, with cushioned chairs and sofas placed here and there. Vibrant bucket bags, oil paintings, and piles of chunky yarn are arranged neatly on the white shelves, which run along two sides of the room. Customers can choose to take private lessons to learn basic knitting or crochet techniques or let instructor Ronda pick out a specific project for a fun workshop.

KnitterKnutter, 1/F, 1C Kingearn Building, 24–26 Aberdeen Street, Central

Photo: Wai Yin Wool (via Facebook)

Wai Yin Wool

Want to learn Japanese knitting and crochet? From Japanese yarn to Japanese knitting books to Japanese knitting and crochet classes, Wai Yin Wool has got everything covered. The shop specialises in providing yarns and hosting classes for making simple yet elegant garments and bags, as well as amigurumi toys. Its Facebook page also features completed projects from customers and students, so if you want some inspiration, go check it out. Classes come with materials excluded, and the staff are willing to teach in a mix of Chinese and English.

Wai Yin Wool, Shop 269, 2/F, Kings Wing Plaza Phase 1, 3 On Kwan Street, Shek Mun

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Paris Cotton Singlets

One of the few traditional yarn shops left in Hong Kong, Paris Cotton Singlets has been in Causeway Bay since the 1970s. Recently removed, the store’s old neon red sign used to stand dutifully outside of the shop window, accompanying the workers who spent most of their lives here. Staff members make sure customers feel welcomed, respecting their needs and giving them advice on yarns and projects.

If you are interested in taking a class, just ask one of the workers. Or, if you have an unfinished project, bring it to the store—there’s a small round desk for customers to work at—and spend the afternoon chatting with the staff and knitting away.

Paris Cotton Singlets, 1/F, 15 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

Photo: Double Knit Yarn (via Facebook)

Double Knit Yarn

Check out Double Knit Yarn for its huge variety of yarns, wools, tools, and miscellaneous accessories! Decorated with colourful yarn swatches and lined with glass cabinets and shelves displaying a plethora of yarn balls, the store has everything a beginner needs to get started. Hunt for yarn inside the store at Mong Kok or browse through the online shop for maximum convenience. Double Knit Yarn also provides plenty of tutorials on basic knitting and crochet techniques and simple projects on the website.

Double Knit Yarn, 1/F, 179 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok

Photo: Mui Tong Wools (via Facebook)

Mui Tong Wools

At over 60 years old, Mui Tong Wools is a long-standing crowd favourite amongst Hong Kong yarn enthusiasts. Packs of yarn are stuffed in wooden shelves from floor to ceiling, featuring a wide selection of materials from Australia and Italy. Occasionally, you can find customers posing in their newly finished knitwear in the shop for pictures, which will be uploaded to Mui Tong Wools’ Facebook page shortly after. The ladies there are always happy to teach you new techniques and tricks to perfect your project.

Mui Tong Wools, 1/F, 17 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan

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Photo: Cheer Wool (via Facebook)

Cheer Wool

Arguably the largest handicraft retailer in Hong Kong, Cheer Wool’s spacious interior is filled with every type of craft supply you can imagine. It offers yarns, embroidery kits, patchworks, felts, and even water repellent sprays! A wide selection of yarns from British brand Wool and the Gang is also stocked at this Wan Chai shop. Make sure you leave enough time on your visit to Cheer Wool because you will definitely need a good hour or two to look through all of its products!

Cheer Wool, 22/F, Yam Tze Commercial Building, 23 Thomson Road, Wan Chai

Photo: KPC Yarn (via Facebook)

KPC Yarn

Don’t want to leave home to get yarn? No worries—KPC Yarn, a family-owned yarn brand based in Hong Kong, offers an extensive range of wool and fibres online! From merino wool to cotton-and-silk blends and chunky to four-ply, this shop is bound to have something you like. It also has plenty of organic and recycled yarn options for environmentally-conscious knitters! Dip your toes into the world of written patterns by ordering one of its free or paid patterns (there’s an amigurimi Easter rabbit, crochet flower bouquet, granny square bag, and much more to choose from).

Photo: Wah May

Wah May

We are always on the lookout for hand-dyed yarns. Wah May, a small online shop, carries skeins of luscious, beautifully coloured yarns from indie hand-dyers. The semi-solid colours—which result naturally from the unevenness of the dyebath—and speckled colours create a totally unique piece with varying hues and colours when woven together, which is something that can’t be made with commercially dyed yarns. Alongside its selection of indie hand-dyed yarns, Wah May also sells high-quality yarns from international brands. While you’re browsing the shop, check out the adorable yarn-themed enamel pins!

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Photo: ADEUCKLWAIHOI 20M62 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Yu Chau Street and Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po

If visiting a specialist yarn shop seems too intense for you, then check out any one of the small DIY craft stores on Yu Chau Street and Nam Cheong Street in Sham Shui Po. These shops are typically loaded with beads, pendants, ribbons, and all sorts of other materials for arts and crafts, but they also have a small selection of cotton-blend yarns. No need to worry about breaking the bank—these skeins usually only cost about $20 per 125 grammes, but beware that the quality is not as soft and sturdy as other more expensive types.

Get started on your project! 

Learning how to knit or crochet with an instructor is effective and rewarding, but nothing beats the satisfaction of knitting or crocheting while watching your favourite television show in bed or on the sofa. A quick search on the all-knowing YouTube will lead you to thousands of tutorials that’ll easily get you started on your first project. 

Once you get the hang of it, feel free to hop on over to Etsy to purchase patterns from small businesses around the world. Happy knitting and crocheting!

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