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Discover your next favourite wall prints with Mario Paecke Studio!

By Localiiz Branded | 25 October 2022

Header image courtesy of Mario Paecke Studio

Hong Kong’s unique mix of urban sprawl, stunning natural landscapes, and distinctive cultural elements has long captured the imagination of avid photographers. With the sheer number of varied locations to shoot in, and endless subject matters to focus on, one can always find a fresh angle to commit to picture. 

Mario Paecke’s “Made in Hong Kong” exhibition perfectly encapsulates the idea that there’s always something new and unusual to photograph in Hong Kong—and if you’re looking to admire the city from a different perspective, this is the perfect event to head to. Plus, you can pick out your favourite images and bring them home to continue the fun!

Paecke’s photography journey is one that many Hongkongers can understand: It all started with food. As a veteran German chef-turned-photographer, he is showcasing his pieces in three collections: Made by the Harbour, Made in the City, and Made Exclusively

Each collection puts Hong Kong in the spotlight as an international city and provides an intimate and personal look at the city’s beauty through his eyes. Behind the lens, Paecke is best known for being the chef of the brasserie-style European restaurant Margo.

As his photography developed, Paecke founded Mario Paecke Studio, an online store that features the images he captured during his exploration of Hong Kong. Each of his photographs is available for purchase as prints from the store—it’s his way of showing Hong Kong’s appeal and stories that he personally discovered through his lenses.

Neon Reflection. Photo: Mario Paecke Studio

Hong Kong’s neon lights are an unmistakable cultural symbol of the city, but also a piece of history that’s slowly fading out. It’s no surprise that Neon Reflection is one of the highlight pieces in the exhibition. Paecke captured this photo on a rainy day when Hong Kong was hit by the third wave of Covid-19 in 2020. The neon lights shine brightly in the reflection in contrast to the scene of the local business trying to survive the pandemic’s impact.

Fading Ocean Moments. Photo: Mario Studio Paecke

Another highlight piece is Fading Ocean Moments, which was nominated for the 50 Best Hong Kong Landscape Pictures by National Geographic in 2020. Getting the perfect shot is either by luck or through sheer patience, and in this photo, it’s all about waiting for the right moment when all the natural elements are ready—the low clouds, the sky reflecting the fading sunlight, the calm sea, and the cargo container ship passing by.

Like what you see? Paecke’s photo exhibition awaits! Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind visual experience—simply visit EastPro Gallery from 21 October to 3 November to see stunning images of Hong Kong. If you loved the photos on display during the exhibition, you can decorate your home or office by purchasing canvas prints through Mario Paecke Studio!

Mario Paecke Studio

Mario Paecke Studio is led by Hong Kong-based German chef and photographer Mario Paecke, whose work highlights urban and aerial photography of the city. His goal is to share with the world the beauty of Hong Kong as seen through his unique lens.