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Seeing The Big Picture

By Sophie Pettit 27 February 2015
[caption id="attachment_26044" align="alignright" width="258"]Ng Lung Wai Stamps Photo courtesy of Ng Lung Wai[/caption] Most people choose to store their stamp collections in a scrapbook or display them on a shelf but not local artist Ng Lung Wai, who had bigger plans for his library of vintage Hong Kong stamps. Born, raised, and educated in Hong Kong, Ng has been collecting vintage items and antiques for a decade, satisfying his keen interest in social and cultural history. His dedication is well beyond that of a hobbyist and has now paid off with the unveiling of his collection of giant portraits comprised of his collections at Big Era 1960s World Celebrities Portrait Exhibition. Audrey Hepburn, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and Mao Zedong join the A-list line up on the gallery walls, composed of his collection of authentic vintage items from the 1960’s, including more than 20,000 European stickpin badges and thousands of generic Hong Kong stamps from the decade. "For this exhibition, my goal is to share my joy with people, the joy of collecting and making art," Ng tells Localiiz. "Different people see things differently. They certainly have various interpretations of the meaning of using the items and the person in the portrait." Not as open to interpretation is the history possessed by each item contained within the various artworks. "There is a lot of juice in those vintage items. For instance, you can tell a lot from those tiny Kong Stamps such as in those years, where post offices were established, the messages the government wanted to convey through the stamp chops on them and who was governing Hong Kong etc. Through this exhibition, I can share those things with visitors. I hope more and more people will treasure these little things and may appreciate them and art more." [caption id="attachment_25836" align="alignleft" width="152"]Audrery Hepburn - Ng Lung Wai Photo courtesy of Ng Lung Wai[/caption] One of the portraits on show stands at 500cm x 400cm, and reveals a world-renowned 60’s celebrity composed of 6,000 mosaics of Marilyn Monroe. Standing close to the portraits will reveal the finer details of its components but Ng recommends standing a bit of distance, maybe 20m from the portraits, to see the bigger picture. "If you keep staying too close to them, you can't see the whole picture, it will make you focus on the details and you may miss many other important elements of your life." Don’t miss your chance to see the bigger picture! The exhibition runs from March 11 to 17 at Outdoor Open Space, Comix Home Base, Mallory Street, Wan Chai and is free to the public. You will also have the chance to meet the man himself, who will be present from 4pm to 6pm during the exhibition period. Click here for more information.        

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Sophie Pettit


Sophie is always on the lookout for a great story and her next big adventure and loves nothing more than discovering the city’s hidden gems—and most delicious cocktails. When she’s not exploring new places, she’s off travelling and ticking countries off her bucket list.