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Pack Your Bags, Let's Demonstrate

By brian_adams 25 September 2014
  Political activism requires a thorough knowledge of legal rights, understanding of the philosophical foundation of civil disobedience, and biscuits. The founders of Occupy Central with Love & Peace reached out to the group's supporters earlier regarding the an upcoming sit-in to ensure all demonstrators are prepared for several days of taking over the streets of downtown Hong Kong. Kin-man Chan and Benny Tai unpacked two backpacks filled with all the musts for a successful sit-in, as described in the group's “Manual of Disobedience”. At the top of the list are drinking water, dried fruits, biscuits, and nuts (frequent meals, the organizers say, are good for digestion and energy conservation), personal medical care materials including a medical card, and electrolyte drinks. The Occupy Central leaders also showed off plastic goggles (protection against pepper spray), a towel (for changing clothes), and a cap (to protect against the sun). Both Tai and Chan also recommended bringing a pen and paper (for important notes), mobile phone (for SMS), spare batteries, chargers, cash (roughly HK$300), a sleeping bag, and a large backpack to carry it all in. Occupy Central supporters planning to attend the sit-in are also urged by organizers to dress in warm, windproof clothing, closed-toe shoes, rain gear, and to bring first-aid materials for any scrapes. Going to the demonstration? What will be in your bag? Let us know in the comments below. Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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