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Occupocalypse: How Occupy Central Apparently Has the Ability to ‘Kill This City’

By Localiiz 20 June 2014
June 20th 2014 Has the Ghost of Propaganda Past come back to haunt us in the form of this hilarious (meant to be serious) “public safety” video? Straight out of the mouths of establishment advocacy group Silent Majority (take a moment to revel in the ridiculousness of that name), and into a full on ’28 Days Later’ zombie apocalypse movie trailer, this four-minute video spews out the theory that the looming Occupy Central protests will lead to the absolute destruction of Hong Kong, essentially “killing our city”. Dun Dun Dun! According to the group, if roads are blocked and (heaven forbid) the MTR gets crowded, citizens will become “trapped” and all hell will break lose, with fires, robberies, killings and more plaguing our otherwise civilised streets. The Silent Majority clearly doesn’t get out much. Have they never experienced Hong Kong on a public holiday? All we can say is that we hope this turns out to be a teaser for a feature-length mockumentary, as we can’t wait to see our city used as the backdrop for the next big disaster movie. Or, the group should stick to the premise of their name and stay…silent. Just saying.

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