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Polish Filmmakers Capture ‘Visual Brilliance’ of Hong Kong After Dark

Filmmaking duo The Polacks, share the story behind their sleek music video featuring the glimmer of Hong Kong at night.



Contributed by: The Polacks

We were constantly in a state of visual brilliance overload during our stay in Hong Kong. So although we were had to spend the majority of our short four days there shooting promo videos for our client based in Central District, we still wanted to find the way to channel at least a bit of an impression that the city made on us. We decided to focus on the city itself. The organism-like quality that it acquires after dark when watched from certain perspective. We got that feeling immediately while discovering it heavily jet-lagged. The first shots automatically brought Blade Runner­-like visuals to our minds. That’s what later hinted at during colouring of the video.

After coming back to Poland we were struck how easily all the fragmented materials came together. It quickly allowed us to uncover slightly unsettling dynamic. We tried to underline it further by playing with forms and rhythms. That was also the idea behind using Naphta’s unique interpretation of Herbie Hancock track.

Since we mainly work in Poland and across Europe, this footage reminds us all the time how very intriguing Hong Kong is. And even more, how we haven’t even managed to scratch the surface of visual and creative potential it has. To get a chance to work in Hong Kong again is definitely our top goal for the nearest future!

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