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Hong Kong Trash The Dress Gregory Cain

PHOTOS: Hong Kong Brides ‘Trash the Dress’

Forget posing in a pretty dress on the old steps of Sheung Wan, it’s all about jumping in the waves for these adventurous Hong Kong brides. We catch up with Hong Kong based travel photographer Gregory Cain who takes us on an underwater adventure around South East Asia with some of Hong Kong’s most daring couples.

Trash the dress wedding photography is something that is becoming increasingly popular amongst Hong Kong residents, and I am finding that more and more of my clientele is requesting this stylised shoot.

I have to say that I honestly don’t know who came up with the idea and some may say that it is just a trend, but as a wedding photographer and waterman, for me it’s a lot of fun.

I’d like to think that the idea stems from the concept that you are only going to need your wedding dress once, as you embark on a lifetime of commitment. But if that’s too deep for you then simply put, it’s just a fun reason for you and your betrothed to jump in the water with all your clothes on.

Either way it makes for some really adventurous photographs and I have had the pleasure of documenting these shoots in some of the most beautiful destinations of South East Asia such as North Bali, Sulawesi Infonesia, Hoi An Vietnam, and Chiang Mai Thailand.

To see more photographs of trash the dress wedding photography you can follow Greg on instagram or visit his website.

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