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Oomph!: The New Superfood Bar That Actually Tastes Delicious

Not just because Oomph! is a Hong Kong startup and we like to support local businesses, but because these nutritious bars truly are delicious, we’re delighted to give you the opportunity to get your hands on free samples of these energy-dense bars. See the registration link below.

California Inspired: New to Hong Kong 

You know the drill with energy bars and protein bars – either they taste a bit rubbish or they’re not actually that healthy. Oomph! bar then, is something of a game-changer. Not only is it genuinely delicious, but the ingredients are painstakingly sourced, all-natural, and ridiculously good for you.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, every Oomph! comes with a potent mix of plant protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates, iron and calcium to provide a sustainable and natural boost of energy. There are at least six superfood ingredients in every Oomph!, including chia seeds, blueberries and almonds. Each bar is energy-dense, guilt-free (containing only 200 calories, so great for losing weight), and eco-friendly too. And like we said, the most shocking thing of all is, they taste tremendous! It’s no surprise then to learn that Oomph! was formulated with guidance and input from an award-winning Executive Pastry Chef of a leading global luxury hotel chain!

Excitement in Every Bite!

  • Rebalance: The tasty, healthy alternative to junk food when working late
  • Replenish: The energy-dense lightweight snack when hiking or after sport
  • Replace: The nutrient-rich mini meal when there is no time to eat

  • Two variants: Plant Protein Mix and Extra Fiber Mix
  • Superfood rich
  • Convenient, can be enjoyed any time and anywhere
  • At least 40% Daily Calcium Requirements
  • At least 44% Daily Iron Requirements

Oomph! was created by Edward Wang, a long-time Hong Kong resident who came up with the idea while living in California when he noticed his wife packing energy bars into their daughter’s lunchbox. Realising that having something healthy, filling, and portable would be attractive to the typical busy Hong Kong resident who is always pressed for time to eat healthily, Wang and his partners decided to bring this delicious snack to the 852.

Now You Can Get Some Oomph! in your life!


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