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Love at First Bite: Babycakes Brings Home-style Sweet Treats to Hong Kong

Whether you’re looking for a fabulous cake for a special someone’s birthday, in need of a pick-me-up sweet treat, or want to spend a day at home baking with the kids, I Love Babycakes has everything you need. Having built her baking techniques through travel and experimentation, aided by workshops at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Pallavi Sheth, founder of the bakery can whip up everything from whimsical unicorn cupcakes to delicious home-style chocolate cakes that we promise you won’t be able to stop eating.

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With a dream of one day opening up a bakery of her own, Sheth first developed her passion and love for baking when she was just nine years old. But it wasn’t until her 35th birthday when her best friend decided to help her design a cake menu, that would eventually grow into a thriving business, allowing her to set up shop and start her first bakery in Tardeo, South of Mumbai in India.

Now relocated to Hong Kong with her family, while still continuing to run her business in Mumbai, Sheth is ready to spread her love of baking and all the heavenly baked goods on offer to feed every cake-loving foodie in town. While the menu may be simple, each recipe is personally developed by Sheth herself through years of trial and error, making sure that every customer receives nothing but the best. Just take a look at these best selling products – if these don’t get you drooling, we don’t know what will!

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Aside from homemade sweet spongey goodness, Babycakes also offers a range of DIY baking and decorating kits so you and your little ones can get creative decorating your very own cupcake or even bake up a batch of delicious cookies!
But if you’re not into the idea of icing-cover kids jacked up on sugar in your home, then sign up for one of the amazing kid classes held at BiteUnite in Wan Chai. You can also make special requests for bespoke cakes (check out the insane gallery here) or order one of the many delicious spongey treats from the retail menu. Unfortunately, there is currently no walk-in shop for the bakery, but it does accept orders online or via email, WhatsApp, and phone.

I Love Babycakes, contact via email or call at (+852) 9682 0215
Orders can be collected from BiteUnite, 15 Lung On Street, Wan Chai
or at
5A, Block 2, Pacific View, 38 Tai Tam Road, Stanley

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