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Localiiz Monthly Marketing Plans to Build your Business

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Introducing Localiiz’s Monthly Marketing Plans

Localiiz Marketing Tool BoxThe Localiiz Monthly Marketing Plans provide a unique marketing solution, designed to give small- to medium-sized businesses the maximum marketing ‘bang’ for their dollar.

The magic sauce? Businesses gain exposure to our readers via several marketing tools  – Facebook promotions, email marketing, editorial exposure and banner advertising – using co-promotional or joint marketing strategies on an ongoing basis. With this multi-layered, non-spammy approach, our readers come to know and trust your brand, and that familiarity grows your business!

3 Promotional Strategies

  1. 24/7 Ongoing Exposure* – ongoing marketing activities that give you exposure 24/7
  2. Co-Promotional Marketing* –  clients choose a relevant lifestyle category and then benefit from a schedule of promotional activity within that category, designed to trigger direct response.
  3. Exclusive Exposure* – exclusive marketing opportunities for premium clients

…provided through a series of marketing plans, ranging from budget to premium.

Marketing Plan Overview

* Exposure level depends on marketing plan chosen

1. 24/7 Ongoing Exposure

  • Directory listing  – All clients
  • Banner advertising – Gold, Platinum, Platinum+
  • Highlights & Offers – Platinum, Platinum+

These marketing solutions allow clients to build an online presence, build brand/product/service awareness, and with the Highlights & Offers section, promote new products/services, events or workshops, or highlight a service or product of the month.

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2. Co-promotional Marketing

  • Category EDM  – All clients
  • Facebook promotion – Platinum, Platinum+
  • Shared Articles – Platinum, Platinum+

On an 8-week rotating basis, and depending on the plan purchased, clients may receive a promotional boost each and every week.

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3. Exclusive Exposure

Localiiz provides the opportunity for clients to gain further exposure through exclusive Facebook advertising campaigns, exclusive email newsletters and exclusive articles. These services are provided as part of the Platinum+ plan. Clients with Gold or Platinum plans can add these services at a discounted rate from our Localiiz Promotions list price.


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Click to read more, or if you have a question not answered here, please use the ‘chat’  below right, or email hello@localiiz.com for assistance.

Tell me more about the Localiiz readership?

The Localiiz Reader – Fast Facts

Localiiz DataLocaliiz’s consumer audience comprises a mix of both English-speaking Chinese professionals as well as expats with high disposable income, and with approximately 61% of our audience being aged between 25-44, with a gender split of 56% women to 44% men.

How do readers discover Localiiz’s platforms?

Our readers are fundamental to the success of Localiiz, and we work hard to bring traffic to our platforms. These are just a few of our strategies:

1. Through Google search:

  • Search ‘Localiiz’ – People may hear of Localiiz through our print magazine, through word of mouth, at events we partner with, by seeing our minibus, or from seeing our articles on other digital platforms – so to find us they use search engines to find us. Voila!
  • Search for information – When looking for information on how, where or when to do ‘stuff’ in Hong Kong, one of our thousands of articles shows up in their search results leading them direct to our website.

2. Through social media:

  • With  more than 70,000 fans on our Facebook page, and 30,000 members in our Facebook group, and more than 11,000 Twitter followers, we use our social media channels to promote our articles, Highlights & Offers, directory, events and more. Naturally it makes our day when articles get shared onwards so increasing our reach.
  • To extend our reach, we use Facebook’s advertising platform to promote our own articles –The Weekend Ahead and themed collections of articles – to drive additional visitors to our website.
  • We share our best articles into relevant Facebook groups on a daily basis.

3. Through our email marketing:

  • We use several strategies to grow our own 25,000+ email list, and the most important is when visitors sign up on our website to receive ‘the best of Localiiz,’ delivered direct to their inbox through our email newsletters and EDMs.

4.  Through Expat Hong Kong (our Facebook Group),  the Localiiz Digest, the Localiiz Socialiizer, cross-marketing partnerships with major events and other initiatives.

Localiiz Followers Data


How effective is the marketing plan?

Very! This is no one-trick pony marketing solution:

To win a sale, your prospect has to feel like they know, understand and trust you/your service/product before they will make a purchase.

An often quoted statistic is that prospects – our readers – need to see your brand at least six times before they will even notice you

By integrating several marketing channels or tactics – email marketing, banner advertising, Facebook posts and promotions and articles – our readers see your brand and marketing message:

  • while browsing our website (banner ads, Highlights & Offers, shared and exclusive articles)
  • while browsing their own Facebook newsfeed (Facebook posts and advertising)
  • in their email inbox (email marketing) and
  • in our various social media platforms.

Not only does the reader see your brand message repeatedly, but, because the delivery is different each time, the reader is less likely to become ‘blind’ to your message, and also less likely to perceive it as spam. It won’t be long before they feel like they’ve always known you!

In addition, through the co-marketing activities, your brand is presented to our readers together with other relevant lifestyle information, so adding value for the reader when they do choose to click on a newsletter, or browse an advertising carousel.

And all this for a monthly fee of between $2,300–$4,800 (depending on your plan). This can be achieved because of the joint or co-marketing approach we take. We challenge you to get so much value with any other media group!

Not only does the reader see your brand message repeatedly, because the delivery is different each time, the reader is less likely to become ‘blind’ to your message, and also less likely to perceive it as spam!

How are the plans so cheap?

By grouping clients by lifestyle category and co-promoting to a targeted segment of our audience, we are able to achieve several objectives:

  • Provide marketing services economically since the cost of the promotion – use of the platform and our staff time – is in effect shared between several clients
  • Do more promotion to our readers! By matching our clients with readers based on their indicated lifestyle interest, the readers are more receptive to our promotional activity. Segmentation increases relevance and therefore encourages our readers to engage more as opposed to unsubscribe or stop visiting the site.
  • Deliver more value to readers who, with a single click, are able to read about several offers/news items from different companies in a particular lifestyle category, whether it be fitness, home or adult learning.
Who decides which lifestyle category my business will be promoted under?

For the co-promotional marketing services and for banner advertising, we will discuss which category will provide the best match between your services/product, and our readers. For the directory listing, you can choose as many as four categories to be found under.The Highlights & Offers section is not yet categorised.

  1. Activities/Going Out
  2. Sport & Fitness
  3. Kids’ Classes
  4. Adult Learning
  5. Health & Wellbeing
  6. Family
  7. Style & Beauty
  8. Home Services & Products
What if my business doesn't match any of Localiiz's lifestyle categories?

If your business supplies products or services to consumers it is likely that your business will fall under one of our eight lifestyle categories which are quite broad. A useful tip is to consider the audience; for example the audience for categories ‘Kids’ Classes’ and ‘Family’ would be made up of parents, ie, men and women probably aged 30-45.

What if my competitor is also advertising in my category?

It is true that your brand may appear alongside companies selling similar products, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. 

  • Is that company really a competitor? This is your opportunity to tell our readers why you are different?!
  • Economies of scale for the reader: a reader is more likely to click on an article entitled ‘Hong Kong’s Top Nail Salons’ – an article featuring several competing nail salons – than an article entitled ‘Johnny’s Nail Salon in Review’ (we see this in our statistics all the time), or open a newsletter that promises to talk about several home solutions rather than just one.  Readers like value for their click, they like a choice. For you, it is better to be a small part of the action, than a big part of nothing!
  • Economies of scale for you: Because of the co-promotional strategy, where the cost of the promotion is ‘shared’ by several businesses in the same lifestyle category, you have the opportunity to gain far more exposure than you could otherwise.

It is better to be a small part of something big, than a big part of nothing!

Who will help set up our account?

Account managers Vanessa and Julie will help you to set up your listing, banner advert and your first Highlight & Offer. In subsequent months, or in time for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, you should send details about your promotion, or any news, to your account manager who will set it up in the co-promotional schedule (Facebook, EDM, shared articles), as well as update your Highlight & Offer listing. We also find it useful to catch up with a SKYPE meeting. This service is available to Platinum+ clients.

Vanessa Heldner – Tel: 3858 8558 – Email

  1. Activities/Going Out
  2. Sport & Fitness
  3. Kids’ Classes
  4. Health & Wellbeing

Julie Magno – Tel: 3858 8559 – Email

  1. Family
  2. Style & Beauty
  3. Home Services & Products
  4. Adult Learning
Can you help me prepare my artwork?

If a client does not have access to their own designer, we can often help prepare simple banner advertisements.

Another useful resources is canva.com which is an excellent, easy-to-use design resource for non-designers. If you do not have a designer, this tool will help you with all of your marketing needs!

Will you give me an analytics report every month?

Because there are so many marketing activities in each package, to track each of these and provide a report to clients would require considerable staff time, and in turn this cost would need to be worked into the plan cost.

On top of this, the real value of the package is not how many clicks you get, but the quality of the clicks and this is something only you can determine, using such measures as a conversion funnel on your site, or tracking bounce rates and time on page with Google Analytics.

For this reason, we put tracking links on our Facebook campaigns, EDMs, etc, so that you can easily measure traffic from Localiiz’s campaigns using your Google Analytics.

Note: The value of the package is not only in the clicks, but in building brand awareness which will support your other marketing activities.


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