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A Day Out: The KMPG Lamma500 Dragon Boat Races 2016

To see post-event 2016 video and photos, see this link

Sunday May 1, 2016 – Tai Wan To Beach, Lamma Island

Welcome to the Localiiz media partner race page for the 10th anniversary! On its 10th anniversary the Lamma500 has introduced yet another green initiative, putting what was a printed programme online. Scroll down for race results on the day, the schedule, tips on how to get there, past winners, a live photo feed (#lamma500, #lamma500xlocaliiz to share yours), a downloadable programme and more. Enjoy!

Race Results Here

A huge thank you to the partners and sponsors for making the Lamma500 possible!

Race Schedule


9:00am- 1:20pm | 500m Heats 1 & 2 | Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Mixed Premier & Youth

Points are awarded for finishes in Heats 1 & 2 and the total score will determine which finals competition the team competes in, scheduled for the afternoon. Mixed Premier teams are fighting for a place in the Shield, Plate, Bowl and Cup Final competitions; Men’s  and Women’s Open are fighting for places in their respective Bowl and Cup Competitions, and the Youth team all go the the Youth Cup Final but they are competing for lane position.

1:30- 2:00pm | Lunch & Catch up

2:00- 3:30pm | 1,000m Competition | Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Mixed Premier

Crews paddle in a running staggered start, anti-clockwise around the race course – a distance of 1,000 meters. A cup is awarded for 1st through 3rd positions in each division

3:55- 5:25pm | Finals | Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Mixed Premier

Competitors fight for glory in their respective finals, as determined in Heats 1&2

Open Overview Race Schedule (PDF)

Open detailed Race Schedule (PDF)

Open Full Festival Programme (PDF)

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Check out the video from 2015!

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How to get there and beach map

  1. Catch ferry to Yung Shue Wan – half hour approximately. Ferry Schedule [Note: use the Sunday timetable].
  2. 25 minute walk to Power Station Beach. Walk through village following signs.


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Worried about the weather? Check the Hong Kong Observatory.

Team List

  • ABC BUZZ Dragon
  • AWA Women
  • Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Bulls
  • BGC Stormy Dragons
  • BlackRock – Team B.A.M.
  • Blazing Paddles
  • BNP Paribas
  • Cathay Pacific Dragon Boat
  • CIS Alumni
  • Cogito College – High Fliers
  • Credit Agricole CIB Green Tigers
  • DB Pirates
  • DBS – Pa Fai Dee
  • DNA Dragons
  • Fair Dinkum
  • French Froggies
  • Gallagher Flying Kiwis
  • German Dragons
  • Guangzhou International Dragonboat Club
  • Happy Wednesday Barracuda Dragon Boat Team
  • HK Japanese Dragon Boat Club
  • HSBC Commercial Banking
  • HSBC Insurance rOARING Lions
  • Hungarian Dragons
  • Komodo Dragons
  • KPMG Hong Kong
  • KPMG Singapore
  • Lamma Dragons
  • Lantau Boat Club
  • Los Chiles
  • Manudragon
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Sea Cucumbers
  • SeaGods
  • Shun Hing College Dragon Boat Club
  • South Lantau Paddle Club (SLPC)
  • Spanish Dragons SCC
  • Tai Tam Tigers
  • Team Loreley
  • Team Mushu – Disney
  • Top Express – J-Dragon
  • V-Power Dragon Boat Team
  • VRC
  • VSA Sharks
  • Way Young Dragon Boat Club

Messages from the organisers and sponsors

Welcome from KMPG

Martin Fenwick, KPMGKPMG China wishes to extend a warm welcome to all the participants and spectators attending this year’s KPMG Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival (KPMG Lamma 500).

We are proud to be the title sponsor of the event – voted as one of the best dragon boat events in the world – as it reaches its 10th anniversary this year.

More than just an annual festive dragon boating event, KPMG Lamma 500 promotes charitable activities including raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hong Kong. The event also supports youth participation through the inclusion of an U18 division as well as women’s participation with 15 women’s teams registered this year.

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of KPMG’s culture and we believes strongly in supporting local community initiatives as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to meeting you all, and wish you an enjoyable and memorable day.

Matthew Fenwick
Tax Director, KPMG China
& captain of the KPMG team

View other welcome messages from the organisers


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Previous Winners


500-metre Youth Cup

Youth Cup Third Place: VSA Sharks

Youth Cup Champions: Cogito College – High Fliers


1,000-metre Women’s Cup

Third Place: Lantau Boat Club

Runners-up: Lamma Dragons

Champions: AWA Globe Women’s Paddlers


1,000-metre Mixed Cup

Third Place: Team Mushu – Disneyland

Runners-up: BGC Stormy Dragons

Champions: VRC


1,000-metre Open Cup

Third Place: Team Mushu – Disneyland

Runners-up: Lamma Dragons

Cup Champions: VRC


500-metre Mixed Bowl

Runners-up: NTEF – New Territories East Friendship

Champions: Top Express – J-Dragon


500-metre Women’s Plate

Runners-up: Sea Cucumbers

Champions: SMUGZ


500-metre Open Plate

Third Place: SMUGZ

Champions: Top Express – J-Dragon


500-metre Mixed Plate

Third Place: SMUGZ

Runners-up: Cathay Pacific Dragon Boat Team B

hampions: BGC Stormy Dragons


500-metre Women’s Cup

Third Place: AWA Globe Paddlers

Runners-up: Lantau Boat Club

Champions: RHKYC


500-metre Mixed Cup

Third Place: VRC

Runners-up: Team Mushu – Disneyland

Champions: RHKYC Blue


500-metre Open Cup

Third Place: Lamma Dragons

Runners-up: RHKYC

Champions: VRC


1,000-metre Mixed Premier Champions

Champions: BGC Stormy Dragons

Runners-UP: Lantau Boat Club Mixed Red

Third Place: VRC Mixed


1,000-metre Open Champions

Champions: Lamma Dragons

Runners-up: BGC Stormy Dragons

Third Place: The Liechtenstein Princely Navy


1,000-metre Women’s Champions

Champions: BGC Stormy Dragons

Runners-up: Lamma Dragons

Third Place:  AWA Globe Paddlers


500-metre Mixed Bowl Champions

Champions: South Lantau Palm Beach Buffaloes

Runners-up: Los Chiles

Third Place: Le Jardin Flying Kiwis


500-metre Open Plate Champions

Champions: HKUST Alumni Dragon Boat Club

Runners-up: UBS Blazing Paddles

Third Place: DBS Old Boys Pa Ho Dee


500-metre Mixed Plate Champions

Lamma Mixed Cowboys

Runners-up: VRC Mixed

Third Place: Lamma Mixed Indians


500-metre Women’s Plate Champions

Champions: Blazing Paddles

Runners-up: DBS Pirates Wags & Wenches

Third Place: Team Loreley


500-metre Junior Cup Champions

Cup Champions: Lamma Dragons Junior Mixed A

Runners-up: USA Sharks – Victoria Shanghai Academy

Third Place: Lamma Dragons Junior Mixed B


500-metre Women’s Cup Champions

Champions:  BGC Stormy Dragons

Runners-up: AWA Globe Paddlers

Third Place: Lady Buzz


500-metre Open Cup Champions

Cup Champions: The Liechtenstein Princely Navy

unners-up: RHKYC Men

Third Place: Buzz Dragons


500-metre Mixed Cup Champions

Cup Champions: Team Mushu

unners-up: Lantau Boat Club Mixed Red

Third Place: BGC Stormy Dragons


1,000-metre Mixed Premier Champions: BGC Stormy Dragons

1,000-metre Mixed Senior Champions: South Lantau Paddle Club

1,000-metre Open Champions: AMS International Group Dragon Boat Team

1,000-metre Women’s Champions: Lamma Dragons

 500-metre Mixed Premier Champions: Team Mushu

500-metre Mixed Senior Champions: Lamma Dragons

500-metre Mixed Premier Bowl Champions: Dragons of North America (Team DNA)

500-metre Mixed Premier Plate Champions: Cathay Pacific-B & Blue Sky Sports Club (dead-heat)

500-metre Open Plate Champions: Lantau Boat Club

500-metre Open Cup Champions: AMS International Group Dragon Boat Team

500-metre Women’s Cup Champions: AWA Globe Paddlers



1,000m Men’s Open Champions: HKIPC

1,000m Senior Mixed Champions: HKIPC

1,000m Women’s Champions: HKIPC Ladies

1,000m Mixed Premier Champions:  HKIPC

Open Men’s Plate Champions: Southside Massive

Mixed Plate Champions-: Team DNA

Senior Mixed Plate Champions: BGC Stormy Dragons

Women’s Cup Champions: Lamma Ladies

Open Men’s Cup Champions: Hung On Marine Co

Mixed Cup Champions: HKIPC

A huge thank you to the generous partners and sponsors for making the Lamma500 possible!

Thank you to the volunteer officials and support team

  • Ah Bun (Leung Wai Pan)
  • Alex Chang
  • Alex Sommerson – Official
  • Alysha Tarr
  • Amy Wong
  • Andy Brooks – M.G. Geraghty (Insurance Brokers) Ltd
  • Andy Griffiths
  • Andy Tse – HEC
  • Anita Chau – KPMG
  • Anson Bailey – KPMG
  • Association
  • Bill McQueen
  • Brad Tarr – Festival Director
  • Carlsberg
  • Caroline Collins – Lamma Grill
  • Chai Wan Fishermen
  • Chan Nin Wai
  • Chow Kim Fai
  • Christian Ross – Escapade Sports
  • Claudia Tarr
  • Damian Laracy
  • Dan Peterson – The Waterfront/
  • Daniel Clarke – Finishline
  • Dr Frank
  • Emily Tarr
  • Eric Chau – HEC
  • Fraser Douglas
  • Fulton Mak – KPMG
  • Gina Miller – Race Convener
  • Gitta Bjornsson – Startline
  • Grace Cheng
  • Greg Pittams – Tech Support/Finishline
  • HK Electric Company Ltd
  • Ivan Lam
  • Jackson Ng Wah Fai
  • Jamie Wilde – Tech Support
  • Janice Chan – HEC
  • Jen Fulton
  • Jo Rickards – Startline
  • Joey Hau
  • Julie Yao
  • Karen Lee
  • Katie McGregor
  • Kevin Bishop – Tech Support/Webmaster/Finishline
  • Kristins Chan – MC
  • Lamma (North) Dragon Boat Association
  • Lamma Dragons Dragonboat Club
  • Lamma Fishermen’s Sports and Recreation
  • Lamma Island (North) Rural Committee
  • Lamma.com.hk
  • Lauren Mead – Louella Odie
  • Law Kau (Fei Gau)
  • Leung Kan Tai
  • Lisa Stella
  • Lydia Law (M-A-W)
  • Make A Wish Foundation of Hong Kong
  • Malcolm Morris – Tech Support/Finishline
  • Marianne Gable
  • Mark Burns – MC/EMB Consulting
  • Michael Ranch – Toi Toi Toilets
  • Michelle Key – Finishline
  • Mike Mallin – Hill Dickinson
  • Mike Tanner – Head Official
  • Napoleon Chu – HEC
  • Nick Bilcliffe
  • Nick Helms – Liberty Mutual
  • Oliver Armistead – Offical
  • Paul Davis
  • Penny Nicholle
  • Peter (Law Kam Wah)
  • Poon Hin Sau (Joanne)
  • Roland Gyuris
  • Sammi Siu – HEC
  • Simeona Piayas
  • St John Ambulance
  • Ten Chai
  • Vincent Yuen
  • Volunteers & Officials
  • Warren Phillips – KPMG
  • Xiao Qin Lu – HighLife
  • Yu Lai Fan


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