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The Tinder For People Actually Worth Dating Is Here

Are you tired of going on a date only to end up wondering why you bothered in the first place? Or just fed up with never finding the right person to snuggle on the couch with? Well luckily for you, we’ve found a solution. Launched in Amsterdam 2013, the selective dating app The Inner Circle, had quickly taken over major cities around the world like London, New York, and Milan by storm, and guess what? It’s now in Hong Kong!

So how is it different from other dating apps? The Inner Circle was founded as a response to many poor dating experiences and a realisation that there must be a more effective method for like-minded singles to interact. The app has the unique feature of searching for a location, giving you the opportunity to see other Inner Circle members who also like the location, and initiating common ground before creating organic chemistry.

The Inner Circle also uses real people to approve other members based on their age, profession and suitability to make the cut into their ‘Inner Circle’, which means that all members are screened for being professional, intellectual, motivated, like-minded individuals who are seeking more than ‘something casual’.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Inner Circle goes the extra mile to host exciting events at the most exclusive venues for their members every month, and transforms online dating back to the traditional face-to-face experience by providing their users with quality over quantity, and of course, an array of the most eligible singles around.

Although some may perceive The Inner Circle as ‘elitist’, hosting a variety of professionals, in reality their members are just real, inspiring, and ambitious individuals looking for a chance at finding love. Who can blame them? We certainly don’t.

To stop making dating mistakes and bring the spark back into your love life, sign up to The Inner Circle for free today







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