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How To: Cure a ‘Sevens’ Hangover

With the booze fuelled Sevens just around the corner, we ask our friends in the know to share their secrets on how to beat the head-pounding beast that follows an epic day in the South Stand.

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1. Eat Grease – and Exercise

Life is all about balance – and so are hangovers, according to Ash Wayburne, director of Iso Fit Pilates and Gyrotonic Studio.

“There are two things that work for me, which are both pretty simple and standard I guess. One is to eat lots of grease, either a burger or a pizza. The other is to get some exercise to get the body moving and sweat it out! Some sort of sport (usually touch rugby) or a low-impact Pilates workout, works for me, as I can take better care of my body. Aside from that, I have been thinking about getting my own IV drip as well!”

2. Drink Coco Punch

angela pic

No, it’s not a cocktail – it’s a magical recipe created by local juice brand Punch Detox, and its co-founder, Angela Cheng Matsuzawa, swears by it.

“My advice is to chase that last shot of the night with Punch Detox’s Coco Punch, and let its raw, unpasteurized coconut and acai berry magic battle the Big Bad Hangover while you sleep like a baby. You’ll wake up hydrated and bright-eyed, and ready to conquer the world. To get that extra boost, sip on our Punch Detox Green Punch power up – its cold-pressed veggie goodness, spirulina, and green apple zing with get you to the top of the world – or up and running at least.”

3. Drink Cider

For some people, the thought of drinking more alcohol during a hangover is unbearable, but for our Localiiz editor, Sophie, a cold pint of Magners does the trick every time.

“I should really suggest something sensible like drink tons of coconut water, and soak up those electrolytes, but to be totally honest, the old “hair of the dog” trick works for me every time. A cold pint of cider with loads of ice makes me feel human again in no time. I figured this out years ago when I was camping at a cider festival in England and they only had Magners left on tap. Just one pint does it, so don’t go overboard, because you’ll end up with a double hangover – and that ain’t pretty!”

 4. Take Vitamins

You can always count on Mother Nature to ease those self-inflicted woes, according to Graeme Bradshaw, founding director of Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI).

“When we drink alcohol, our blood sugar levels soar then sink, leading to inflammation, which causes hangovers. High doses of vitamin C and B can help you process alcohol, so readily available vitamin C drinks such as Berocca or Emergen-C are a good help to recover from a hangover. Emergen-C  provides electrolytes and helps hydration since it’s taken with water. I especially recommend Ola Loa, which is a stronger detox version of the above vitamin drinks, as it provides active vitamin B, magnesium, and zinc, along with 1,000mg of vitamin C. Your liver needs all these nutrients to detoxify alcohol, and milk thistle is a herb that fortifies the liver. Try taking 2 or 3 Liver Support capsules before you head out drinking – our clients swear by it.”

5. Have Some Nookie


Yep, you read that right! Award-winning bartender and co-owner of The Pontiac, Beckaly Franks, is a firm believer that some quality time between the sheets is the best way to beat a hangover.

“This may sound silly, but it is actually scientifically sound – not to mention good for the mind, body, and soul. Research has shown that ‘sexual activity can lead to partial or complete relief of headache in some migraine and a few cluster headache patients.’ The long and short is that the best cure for hangovers – that isn’t one of my preferred methods commonly knows as “hair of the dog” – is nookie. So get your blood flowing and get all that oxygen in your lungs – and drink all the water!”

Happy drinking Hong Kong!

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