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Air Quality Index

Government: Air Quality May Reach “Serious” Level

The government is alerting residents to higher than normal air pollution today. According to the Environmental Protection Department, at 1pm roadside monitoring stations in Causeway Bay and Central reached the “Very High” category of the Air Quality Health Index and may hit the Serious level later this afternoon. The warning states that “higher than normal levels of particulates and nitrogen dioxide have been recorded in the territory since last night” and a lull in strong winds is aiding in the accumulation of air pollutants.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.02.56 pmIt is advised that children, the elderly, and persons with existing heart or respiratory illnesses reduce physical exertion and outdoor activities to a minimum or avoid such activities. The government is also alerting members of the general public to reduce time outdoors, especially in areas with heavy traffic.

Any people who experience discomfort should see a doctor. The Centre for Health Protection’s website contains more information on the health effects of air pollution and relevant health advice.

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