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Sushi Express is Hosting a Free All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Challenge

Calling all sushi lovers! Sushi Express is holding an all-you-can-eat sushi fest in Hong Kong, and as long as the stack of plates finished within the allotted time is taller than the contestant, your meal is on the house!



【爭鮮大胃王香港挑戰站】上2個月,台灣爭鮮舉辦左一連3場大胃王挑戰,活動空前成功,所以香港爭鮮將活動帶嚟香港,喺22/11、29/11、6/12、13/12,一連4個星期四喺觀塘店設立挑戰站,舉辦大胃王。每人限時50分鐘挑戰,只要吃完的壽司碟堆疊高度超過參賽者本人身高,即刻免!費!如果你覺得食唔到咁多,但又想試下挑戰,無問題!只要喺限時內完成15碟,每碟都只係6蚊,而超過100碟,每碟更加係4蚊咋。活動只有4場,快啲call埋班friend嚟玩啦!【比賽資料】日期:22/11,29/11,6/12,13/12 (星期四)時間:下午5時至8時 (每人限時50分鐘)地址:(觀塘店) 觀塘康寧道11號冠天閣二樓A號舖門市電話:2518 7228* 參加者須年滿18歲。* 除一貫及雙碟產品外,其他產品均歡迎食用。用餐期間除了可在迴台拿取食物,亦可以使用「大胃王專屬菜單」加點。刺身的蘿蔔絲、小菜類的醬汁、椰菜絲、蘿蔔絲須一併完食。參賽碟數以完成數量計算,為避免浪費食材,剩食超過2碟,均以每碟8元計算,剩食碟數不計算於成績內。* 設加一服務費,加一服務費以原價計算。* 比賽期間亦提供一般用餐區域供非參賽者使用。* 如有任何異議,爭鮮保留最終決定權。

Posted by Sushi Express Hong Kong(爭鮮) on Monday, November 19, 2018


For the next three consecutive Thursdays (Nov 29, Dec, and Dec 13), Sushi Express’s all-you-can-eat sushi challenge takes place in their Kwun Tong branch. The rules are simple – each person is given 50 minutes to eat as much as they can without busting a gut.

You must be 18 years old or over to enter the competition. To avoid wasting food, contestants must also finish the sashimi radish, the small dish sauce, broccoli and radish. If you’ve left more than two plates of food, the leftover plates will not count toward your final score, and you will be charged the usual $8 per dish price. There’s also a 10% service charge for those who don’t qualify for a free meal.


Even if the plates don’t exceed your height, don’t fret. There’s still hope. As long as you can finish 15 plates of sushi in the time limit, you will only be charged $6 per plate, and if you eat over 100 plates of sushi, Sushi Express will only charge you $4 each plate rather than the usual $8! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your best sushi-loving friend now (perhaps one who’s not too tall?) and let’s roe!

When: November 29, December 6, December 13, 5pm to 8pm (limited to 50 minutes per person)
Where: Sushi Express, Shop A, 2/F, Champion Court, 11 Hong Ning Road, Kwun Tong, (+852) 2518 7228
Click here for more information.

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