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Flo Jewellery – Inspiring and Meaningful Jewellery

Flo Jewellery designs and creates more than just stunning accessories. The brand’s unique take on positivity and influence in day to day life, means each product (whether that be a pair of earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets) is made with the intention of inspiring wearers to be the best versions of themselves. Honouring each individual’s infinite potential, every piece complements the wearer personally. The jewellery made is 925 sterling silver plated, containing 18K gold or rose gold. 

Meaningful and Inspiring Designs

Every contemporary piece tells its own individual story through its geometric style. Above, the Flower of Life Bracelet (from $680) and the Flower of Life Ring (from $580), incorporate the perfect form provided by the ancient Flower of Life pattern. Its special geometric arrangement represents the mathematical laws of our universe. Is there really a better way to show your appreciation for a loved one, other than giving them the universe?

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