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Don’t You Think the MTR Would Be More Fun if it Looked Like This?

August 7th 2014

Hong Kong is a city known for its lights, with its bright buildings and glistening neon signs. However, Budapest’s trams gave us a run for our money by stepping up their light game, sticking 30,000 bright blinking LED lights on board.

While the lights themselves were a Christmas gimmick, take a look at what some talented photographers accomplished using long exposure techniques. Suddenly I feel like travelling at warp speed!

Wouldn’t it be absolutely brilliant to photograph the MTR speeding past us this way? Well we’ve got a little over four months to find that app on our phones and decorate a tram before Budapest is at it again. Not sure that will happen, so for now let’s just enjoy these pics. Click through to see them all!

Photo Credit: Krisztian Birinyi




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