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Mario Paecke Studio

Posted 10 October 2022


From Germany, Mario Paecke has been a professional chef for over 20 years of experience, he started photography when taking photos of his culinary creations at work which gradually switches to urban scenes and landscapes. In 2017, Mario moved to Hong Kong for his career path and now he captures the beauty of Hong Kong through his lenses.

Made in Hong Kong” is a walkthrough of photographs captured by Mario Paecke over the past few years. Paecke’s exhibition summarises his photography works in three collections: Made by the Harbour, Made in the City, and Made Exclusively. Each collection is a testament to the attractiveness of Hong Kong as an international city and offers an intimate and personal look into the bustling metropolis from the perspective of a chef-turned-photographer. Head over to EastPro Gallery this autumn for a one-of-a-kind visual experience of Hong Kong!