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AdrenaLean Fitness

Posted 31 December 2020


+852 6905 5661

AdrenaLean Fitness is the platform for you to kickstart your fitness journey and turn it into a sustainable lifestyle. Based in Tung Chung, AdrenaLean Fitness was formed in 2016. Our goal was to bring fitness into the lives of the general population and guide them to create a lifestyle that allows them to stay fit and healthy whilst enjoying their training and their food without too many restrictions.

Our operations started off based in Tung Chung, where we run bootcamps four times a week. In addition to bootcamp, we also provided personal training around Tung Chung. Today, we have two locations for our bootcamps, Tung Chung and Hung Hom, having recently expanded into Hung Hom. Furthermore, our personal training has expanded to all over Hong Kong. Our ultimate goal is to reach clients from all over Hong Kong and Asia, whether it’s bootcamps, personal training or online training

Over the past 3 years, we have helped 100s of clients kickstart their fitness journey from absolute scratch and helped them reach their desired levels of fitness. Our bootcamp clients range from stay home moms who drop their kids off to school and rush over to get their morning workout in at 8am to the working population who come home from a long day of work yet still gather enough energy to show up for their 8:20pm session. This isn’t about achieving a certain goal anymore, it’s become a lifestyle. It’s a part of their lives, it’s an addiction.

We preach balance and sustainability. We preach consistency and patience. We deliver results.