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DEAL: Six FREE Hypoxi Training Sessions

Sweating it out in the gym is fine if you have hours to burn, but if you’re looking for a faster way to get into shape, it may be time to turn to technology for help. That’s where Hypoxi comes in handy, and they are giving away six FREE training sessions when you purchase 12 or more at their studios.

Using state of the art fitness machines to focus on different problem areas, along with a recommended diet to assist the weight loss process, Hypoxi is a fast and fun way to get a shapely figure in record time. Simply sit back and complete a gentle 30-minute exercise-bike session in the vacuum Hypoxi pod, under a low atmospheric pressure, and let technology work its magic.

The offer is available at the Hypoxi studio in Central and expires on August 31, so get in there quick and snap up this bargain deal.

Click here to check out the free trial page.

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