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Clockenflap Tickets Now Available at 7-Eleven

Hong Kong is often praised as a city of convenience and now that goes for ticket buying too. Festive goers can now snag tickets for this year’s Clockenflap at any of 7-Eleven’s 940 convenience stores in Hong Kong (and 40 in Macau) thanks to a partnership between the convenience store chain and on-line ticketing company, Ticketflap.

Since it launched in 2012, Ticketflap has issued more than 1.5 million tickets for events ranging from arts and music, through to comedy and sports, and the tie-in with 7-Eleven aims to offer customers more choice and convenience when they purchase tickets to selected large scale events throughout the year.

“The ability for our customers to be able to pop into any 7-Eleven convenience store based in Hong Kong or Macau, and purchase a ticket for our larger events is very compelling,” Ticketflap’s CEO Martin Haigh tells Localiiz. “We are proud to be partnering with 7-Eleven, who are again demonstrating their commitment to delivering innovative products and strategy.”

So, if you haven’t picked up tickets to Clockenflap yet, now’s your chance – oh, and pick up some milk while you’re at it, will you?

What Do You Know About Clockenflap? Check out this quirky infographic and find out, and don’t forget there’s still chance to win FREE Clockenflap tickets through the Absolut Vodka promotion. Good luck!

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