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Chill Out in the Heat with some Soothing June Meditation!

May 28th 2013


The rising Hong Kong summer temperatures can leave even the coolest of cats short tempered, so why not chill out with some soothing meditation that will calm your mind, ease your nerves and take you to a whole new level of peace.

The Kadampa Meditation Centre, a Causeway Bay-based non-profit Buddhist organisation open to people of all faiths, has planned lots of exciting June programmes to kick off summer with serenity. Choose from short drop-in evening meditation sessions, spiritually nourishing lunches, Buddha Avalokiteshvara empowerment programmes and a revealing weekend course on Samsara, the Buddhist Wheel of Life.

Emptiness and Tantra

Gen Kelsang Rabten, the spiritual head of KMC HK, will be leading teachings on emptiness, the ultimate state of peace and freedom from sorrow on Friday evenings throughout June. He will also be giving Tuesday teachings on Tantra, demonstrating how to harness the imagination for spiritual growth.

The programmes, conducted in English but with simultaneous Cantonese and Mandarin translations, will run from 7:30-9:15pm at the Causeway Road centre. No booking or payment is required, but donations of HK$50-100 are warmly welcomed.

Avalokiteshvara Empowerment

From June 7th-9th, KMC HK will be celebrating the Asian Dharma Festival with the blessing empowerment and teachings of the Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. Teachings will be held in Cantonese with simultaneous English and Mandarin translations, while prayers and guided meditations will be led in English with simultaneous Mandarin and Cantonese translations. This event is also run by donation.

Dharma for Kids

Kids face a lot of pressure at school these days, often leading to stress or misbehaviour. The KMC monthly Dharma for Kids class teaches little ones essential Buddhist life skills that will help them manage pressures and perform to their best.

The next monthly class, due to be held on June 19th, will teach children how to deal with anger through a fun programme of storytelling, acting, activities, discussions and meditation. The class, aimed at children aged between 6 and 12, will run from 10:30am until 12 noon. All children must be accompanied by an adult, donations of HK$50-100 are welcomed.

Lunchtime Meditation

For a healthy portion of mid-week spiritual nourishment, join the folks at KMC for a soothing meditation session followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch, washed down with herbal teas. Interested? Mark the dates of June 5th, 19th and 23rd down in your diary. Booking essential!

Samsara Decoded

Escape the stresses of the city from June 21st to 24th on a relaxing weekend meditation course with Gen Kelsang Rabten. Focusing on the Buddhist Wheel of Life, Gen will guide participants through a contemplative meditation on the meaning of the wheel and how to reach enlightenment through it.

Teachings will be held in English with simultaneous Cantonese and Mandarin translations, while guided meditations will be held in Cantonese with English and Mandarin translations. The course costs HK$300, or HK$370 with a vegetarian lunch included. Booking essential!

For more information on the KMC HK Summer Programme, call 2507 2237 or email via their Localiiz page

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