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Chefs at the Grand Lisboa Hotel Create Macau’s Largest Ever Mooncake

Love them or hate them, mooncakes are an essential part of Chinese culture and Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be complete without them. Eight adventurous chefs over at the Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau, however, have taken the tradition to a whole new level by creating the largest mooncake, which measures a whopping 90cm in diameter.

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The cakey masterpiece, which features a pattern showcasing Macua’s most iconic buildings, was whipped up in the kitchen of 3 Michelin-starred restaurant, The Eight, and will be displayed in the hotel this September to celebrate the auspicious festival.

But that’s not all, as this edible beast also launches a fun Facebook contest whereby the person who can guess its weight will win a one night stay at the Grand Lisboa Hotel as well as dinner for two at The Eight. Sweet right?

So, think you’ve got the winning digits to earn that cushty staycation? All you have to do is like the hotel’s Facebook page and write your estimated weight in a shared post.

The lucky winner with the closest answer will be announced on September 12 at noon.

Good luck and happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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