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Mummies & Bellies are created out of passion and desire to provide Javanese Postpartum Care to Mothers in Hong Kong.The treatment is done by Sandy or Ling. They are both from Hong Kong and had more than 15 years of experience on massage. They went to Singapore to acquire the skill of Jamu Postnatal Massage. Postnatal massage is a traditional treatment which has been handed down several general today and is usually done in the comfort of your home. The stress from childbirth and time spent caring for your newborn is taxing on our body. Therefore, postnatal massage not only gives nurturing and emotional support to help mothers gain back their lost energy, it also brings body back to its pre-pregnancy With hot herbal compress. To improve the blood & Lymph circulation. Most importantly helps to eliminate the toxins and water retention. Prenatal massage also available. Tummy & Breast - Massage your breast n tummy to helps with the engorgement & flatten your tummy after delivery.

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