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Mindful Wing Chun

8/F On Lan Centre, 11-15 On Lan Street, Central, Mindful Wing Chun, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island

Mindful Wing Chun is a full-time Ip Man Lineage Wing Chun school located in the heart of Hong Kong city. Our instructors have all dedicated their lives to Wing Chun with a combination of over 50 years of experience in the art.

Although our school has derived from the famous Grandmaster Ip Man’s lineage, our training and teaching methods are particularly unique from other schools. The uniqueness of our ‘internal’ style of Wing Chun was inspired by the teachings of our teacher and Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin who was considered to be one of the greatest practitioners and teachers of Wing Chun. This internal aspect makes Wing Chun much more than a outstanding self defense system; it helps balance the body and mind through cultivating mindfulness and deep relaxation; leading to a pain and stress free life.

Our bodies, especially in later stages of life, move further away from their innate ability to hold themselves up and support themselves. Instead, we begin to rely on excessive muscular effort to do the job. If only we can re-learn to ‘let go’, to surrender our weight to gravity and allow the fundamental nature of the body to do the work and support us in the most efficient way possible. Now imagine we can do this in our daily actions, our everyday lives! We will be less tense, less stressed and able to deal with life’s challenges in a more open, relaxed and engaged manner.

Mindful Wing Chun is wholeheartedly committed to spreading the genuine essence of Wing Chun, as passed down by Master Chu in Hong Kong to benefit all who are lucky enough to come into contact with its teachings.

Many students are also interested in our sister company Mindful Pilates to further gain correct alignment in their body, strengthen their core and journey inward. Contact us for more information!


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Phone: +852 6620 7050
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