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Donate Your Books for Love

They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure – and that’s certainly true of books! If you want to free up some valuable apartment space, it might be time to review your library, because the Books for Love charity campaign is on the hunt for donations.

Organised each year by Swire Properties’ Community Ambassador Programme and The Boys’ and Girls’ Association of Hong Kong (BGCA), the campaign calls for Hong Kongers to give their pre-loved pages a second life by donating them to a charity book sale to be held in Taikoo Place between April 21 and 24.

Between now and March 31, bookworms can drop their donations at one of the 42 collection boxes dotted around the city, where they will be sorted and later sold for $10 each at the book sale. All proceeds will go to BGCA to help create more educational opportunities for children in need, meaning you can revamp your bookshelf while contributing to a meaningful cause.

The campaign has received an overwhelming response since it launched in 2009, and last year raised a whopping $510,000 by re-homing 60,000 books. With 15,000 visitors flicking through the pages, the event was a huge success, and organisers hope this year will draw even more book lovers through its doors.

So, raid your bookshelves people – it’s time to donate for Love!

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