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Be at your Best when Abroad – Tips for Beating Jet Lag

June 19th 2013

With the summer finally upon us, weary workers in Hong Kong are looking to escape the city for some much needed R&R. But although holidays are good for our health, long haul travel can really take its toll on the body. In this guest post, Dr. Susan Jamieson, general practitioner at Holistic Central Medical Practice, provides tips and remedies to help prevent jet lag so you can make the most of your time abroad. One of Hong Kong’s most experienced doctors, Susan explains how to zoom around the world without getting a travel hangover.

Jet Lag Symptoms

After flying all night to Europe, I manage to get a few hours’ sleep on the plane. Arriving in Paris at 6am, I somehow get through the day. The problem usually comes in the late afternoon, when 5pm feels like 11pm and exhaustion sets in. This can happen at any time however, when I suddenly feel drained of energy.

I’ve just arrived home from Cannes where I spent a week promoting my new healing DVD Access Your Inner Light (as well as enjoying a bit of ‘star gazing’ on the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival). Overcoming jet lag becomes my top priority on trips as I want to get as much business done, and have as much fun as possible, during my time abroad. As well as the usual tiredness, there are many less obvious symptoms we all experience after a trip abroad, such as digestive disorders, nausea, dizziness, lack of concentration and poor memory.

Light going into the eye will switch off the melatonin which makes us sleepy at night. Have you ever noticed how sensitive animals are to the dark? The moment the light goes they are out for the count. This is exactly the same principle. If flying west, try to go outdoors in the afternoon. If flying east, getting out in the morning is better.

Chinese Meridians

There is a five-hour time difference between Montreal and London. In London at 7pm the body is in ‘kidney time’, but in Montreal, the time is 1pm – ‘intestinal time’. We can use this knowledge to help treat jet lag. If we boost the ‘Chi’ flow of energy through the kidney meridian when in London at 7pm, we’re giving the body a definite message to re-adjust.

Luckily our palms radiate all sorts of energy – electric, magnetic, infra-red and ultrasound to name a few. Rather like a hairbrush causing ‘static’ energy when brushing hair, the palms can be used to stimulate these meridian lines, and therefore the Chi of that organ. It is a little tricky to remember exactly where these meridian lines are, but after spending10 minutes a day for a week learning them, I can now use this method, not just for jet lag prevention, but any time I’m feeling tired or out of sorts.

As someone who flies a lot, I really want to help people with this. More detailed information on how to stimulate the Chinese meridians and step by step instructions can be found in my book, Medical to Mystical, Bring Light Into Your Life and on the Holistic Central Medical Practice website.

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