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All Hail the Taxis of Hong Kong’s Past

August 12th 2014

If you close your eyes and imagine a taxi you’ll most likely see a bright red, boxy number. Of course, we also have our green and blue taxis for the New Territories and Lantau respectively – but the red island cabs will always be closest to our hearts.

Most Hong Kongers are familiar with the current Toyota Crown Comfort model that began roaming the city in the 1970s. Prior to that, many European cars were used including the Standard, DeSoto Deluxe, and Ford Anglia.

We’ve managed to find a few old photographs dating from the 1960s and 70s of these vintage taxis. How fun would it be to take a ride in a vintage Hong Kong cab? Granted it doesn’t break down!

See if you can help us name the make and model of the taxis in the photographs and when they were active on the streets? Comment below!

Photo Credit: oldhkphoto.com




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