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5 Kickstart Projects You Need to Know About in Hong Kong

From a hydroponic mini-garden on your kitchen counter, to a smart-heated top that can keep you feeling warm and cozy in the winter, we bring you some of the most innovative, creative, and unique products to be found on Kickstarter Hong Kong.

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1. Bookniture

Is it a book? Is it a stool? Is it a nightstand? Well, it’s all of the above. Designed to be a multifunctional piece of furniture, Bookniture is compact, lightweight, and conveniently versatile. Combining the art of Origami structuring with the traditional craft of book-binding, Bookniture folds and unfolds as easily as a book, and can hold up to 175kg in weight. So whether you have an extra guest at home, or need to rest your feet for a while, simply grab your Bookniture from the shelf and you’ll be good to go.

How much: $86 – $285
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2. aspara™: The Smart Indoor Garden

Nowadays it’s all about eating healthy, but organic produce can be rather costly, and who has time (or space) to grow their own food? Enter aspara™ – a hydroponic smart grower that allows you to pick and grow a wide variety of herbs and vegetables on your kitchen countertop. Using a combination of intelligent LED grow lights, an automatic watering system, and smart sensors to help monitor and track your miniature garden’s growth process, the product also comes with a seed kit that includes more than 15 different organic and/or non-GMO seed capsules to help start you off.

How much: $2,729 – $9,670 (Family Pack)
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Forget iPhones and smartwatches, the ORII is all you need. This lightweight smart ring allows you to instantly send and take calls, without having to touch your phone. Using a simple Bluetooth connection, the ORII ring can transmit sound vibrations through your fingers to your ears – all you have to do is gently cover your ears with your fingertip, and you’ll hear Siri or Google Assistant ready to take your commands. With its dual noise cancelling microphone, the smart ring can also pick up your voice in loud and crowded places. Stylish and discreet, this is every wannabe secret agent’s fantasy come true.

How much: Currently out of stock (sign up for the priority list here)
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4. POLAR SEAL Heated Tops

Is the cold getting you down? Are you finding it impossible to get out of bed? Then you’ll love this. Available in a range of styles and colours, POLAR SEAL heated tops are lightweight, breathable, and most importantly, heated. With just the touch of a button, the top’s heating zones (located on the upper and lower back) will automatically be activated, along with adjustable heating levels that ensure optimal comfort at all times. Made with flexible and water-resistant heated elements, these tops are also perfect for sports and outdoor activities.

How much: $775 – $3,899
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5. Q1 Smart Pet Feeder

With the Q1 Smart Pet Feeder, you will no longer have to worry about rushing home every day to feed your furry companion. Using the smart feeder’s app, you can make sure that your dog or cat can get the right portion of food, at exactly the right time of day. So even when you’re on-the-go, you can easily adjust your pet’s eating habits and manage their health and weight with just a few taps on your phone. Not only that, the feeder’s double-lock system means that the food will always be kept safe and fresh, so you’ll no longer have to feel guilty about leaving your buddy at home.

How much: TBC
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