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Homeasy Services Limited

Established in 2001, Homeasy Services Limited has expanded into a one-stop household services provider. Our professional and sincere on-demand services allow people to enjoy a class living ambience. We categorize our service into 1) Household Cleaning, 2) Overseas Maid, 3) Maternity Service, 4) Home Inspector, 5) Household Maintenance, 6) Pest Control, 7) Baseboard Maintenance , 8) Moving Service

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Hours 9am - 10pm
Also Under Maid Agencies, Pest Control
Fax 2139 3693

Our Products / Services

  • Overseas Maid Agency by Homeasy Services Limited

    Overseas Maid Agency

    Service includes: Overseas Maids (Indonesian and Filipino), Local Maids, Contract Renewal, Direct Hire, Maid Insurance, etc

  • Home Inspector - Electromagnetic Wave by Homeasy Services Limited

    Home Inspector - Electromagnetic Wave

    WHO confirms cell phone EMW as Level 2B Carcinogen. We provide professional EMW assessment and improvement (Paints, curtains, window films)

  • Home Inspector - Indoor Air Quality (VOCs) by Homeasy Services Limited

    Home Inspector - Indoor Air Quality (VOCs)

    CT Catalyst is a Japan nano material which is able to persistently decompose VOC and deodorize its smell, anti-mold and anti-bacteria.

  • Home Inspector - Long-lasting Anti-bacterial Sterilization by Homeasy Services Limited

    Home Inspector - Long-lasting Anti-bacterial Sterilization

    Flu End, natural anti-bacterial cleanser from Japan. Proved harmless and allergy -free. Effective against many viruses. Long validity.

  • Pest Control by Homeasy Services Limited

    Pest Control

    The control of bacterial contamination can be operated well by our professional services and makes a clean living environment.

  • Carpet Cleaning by Homeasy Services Limited

    Carpet Cleaning

    Removal of stains includes: Shoe prints, oil stains, water stains, coffee/tea stains, rust stains and chewing gum

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