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Encore Professional Services

Encore Professional Services is a fully fledged professional and business services company. Based in Hong Kong, we have assisted clients from all over the world conduct business across Asia. With over 10 years experience and a highly experienced in-house team, Encore Professional Services is your ideal business partner. Check out our website at www.encorepro.com.

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If you are looking to start a new business or outsource your back-office work, we have all the solutions and services here for your business including Company Formation, Company Secretarial, Bank Account Opening, Virtual Offices, Visa Processing, Accounting and Payroll Services, Recruitment Licenses and HR Services. Contact us at info@encorepro.com for more information.

Our Products / Services

  • Visa Processing by Encore Professional Services

    Visa Processing

    Encore can help you navigate the application process for a variety of visas including investment, employee and dependents.

  • Company Formation by Encore Professional Services

    Company Formation

    Encore provides company formation services to clients, from filling out documents to the end result, Encore will take care of everything.

  • Payroll Services by Encore Professional Services

    Payroll Services

    With access to our online payroll system you are provided with an automated data exchange between management, employees and accounting.

  • Accounting by Encore Professional Services


    Accounting solutions administered by our highly qualified team of accountants can ensure compliant and accurate reporting of your business.

  • Business Services  by Encore Professional Services

    Business Services

    Encore offers a wide range of business services including recruitment, legal advice, insurance, corporate identity and translation services.

  • Human Resource Services by Encore Professional Services

    Human Resource Services

    We have provided HR services and assisted companies to successfully apply for a Recruitment License and subsequent renewals.

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