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Coastal Fitness

CFPT is the premier strength and conditioning facility in Hong Kong. Community driven, we are holistic in our approach and relentless in our pursuit of health and fitness for all. We believe that fitness should be broad and encompassing. For one to be truly fit they need to be able to perform any physical task exceptionally well.

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Hours 5:15am - 9:00pm
Also Under Personal Trainers
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The CFPT fitness model prides itself on long-term success in fitness by providing a programme which challenges, tests, and improves specific areas of fitness. We have taken the guess work out of traditional ‘conditioning’ training, by following a structured and progressive Energy System Training model.

Our Products / Services

  • SMAC (group) by Coastal Fitness

    SMAC (group)

    Classes promise to be fun, varied and challenging -- and are an excellent way to Lose Weight, build Lean Muscle and cardiovascular fitness.

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training by Coastal Fitness

    1-on-1 Personal Training

    Our trainer will design an individualized, systematic, integrated exercise programme whilst working with you through it.

  • CrossFit Sessions by Coastal Fitness

    CrossFit Sessions

    Focusing on getting strong, working mixed model energy systems, improving skills and encouraging a healthy and strong lifestyle.

  • i-Train Myself/Online Training by Coastal Fitness

    i-Train Myself/Online Training

    Already motivated? Struggling with a program? We will get you sorted!! Get in contact ASAP!

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